Islamophobia Part 2

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We continue along with Dr. Delacroix of Islamophobia, Islam, and Terrorism. If you haven’t, I recommend that you read part 1 of this series here.

In Part 1 of this essay, Islamophobia, I recounted some facts about terrorism that seems linked to Islam and I made some hypotheses about how Muslims in general array themselves with respect to this terrorism. In this second and last part, I divulge some of the bases of my worst suspicions regarding moderate Muslims.

I wish someone with credentials would help me disentangle who is what and in what proportions among Muslims in connection with the varying degrees of rejection of violent jihad described above. In the meantime, I feel intellectually free to speculate within reason and on the basis of other information I have, factual information, that is, not hearsay.

The first helpful element in my speculation is that, of course, I understand violent Muslim fanatics well. Anyone reasonably well versed in European history would, My ancestors used to be just like them. I never tire of repeating on this blog and elsewhere that the First Crusade (1099) massacred everyone there after taking Jerusalem. That massacre followed acts of cannibalism during the siege. And more recently, it’s clear that tens of thousands of witches were burned at the stake in Europe. (Note: The figure of millions advanced by feminists is silly propaganda bullshit.) Violent jihadists and other fanatics hold not mystery to me because I used to be they.Used to be.

The last witch burning in Europe took place before 1700. After that, we had the Enlightenment which made tolerance respectable. (I am mindful of the 13 year horror setback of the Third Reich.) I think the Muslim world in general has had no such experience. The official punishment for apostasy in several Muslim countries today remains death. It’s probably not applied often but I am sure it would have a chilling effect on any propensity to explore other religions.

I disapprove of this completely. There is no ground for reconciliation there. I don’t want people who hold this belief to be my neighbors or to vote for those who govern me. Yet, I have never heard or read an American Muslim condemning this use of the death penalty against apostates. I may be misinformed, or under-informed although I am paying more attention to such matters than the average person and I read in three languages. I would be happy to publish any corrections regarding my suspicion that Muslims don’t care, or approve. In the meantime, if my intolerance of deadly intolerance is Islamophobia, then I am Islamophobic.

Muslim theologians and other Islamic (“mic”) apologists don’t help me getting rid of my “prejudice” when they insist that Islam, whose main moral/legal foundation was laid out in the 7th century, is a blueprint for today‘s good and just society. For one thing, separation of religion from government is central to my view of a good society. Of course, that’s because I am aware of the horrors of the Crusades, of the bloody European wars of religion, and of the monstrous experience of the secular religion of communism. I am completely intolerant of anyone who even shows sympathy for religious rule. If that’s Islamophobic, then I am Islamophobic.

One of the things I like about this article is that it explains very clearly that while the west has progressed beyond many of the practices, Islam has not. I note, not for the first time, the horrendous treatment of women and girls, rising to the level of crime and slavery, in my view.

I agree completely with the author here, and would very much for someone to make a rational counter-argument.

Islamophobia (Part 2 of 2) « Notes On Liberty.


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10 Responses to Islamophobia Part 2

  1. JessicaHof says:

    From the beginning, Islam has attacked Christianity – so if we feel threatened by Islam, could just be that there’s a reason for it – history.


    • That’s my take. Sometimes I’ve been known to say “Even paranoids have enemies” which seems appropriate here. Islam and Christianity got along for what about 15 years when the Prophet was young and have been at war somewhere ever since.

      Maybe we ought to open our eyes soon and quit wishing.


      • JessicaHof says:

        I fear that we are the only ones doing the wishful thinking – Muslims aren’t.


        • No, they aren’t. And that is the problem, they are fighting a war against people that haven’t noticed. Which says quite a lot about how superior our culture is- but very bad things about our culture currently.


        • JessicaHof says:

          This, to me, is one of the problems with some of this thinking about ‘they really believe what we do’. They don’t, and if we act as though they do, we’re the fools.


        • That’s where my thinking was going on your’s yesterday but, every time I tried to get it into words, it got too harsh.


        • JessicaHof says:

          Yes, it needs bottoming out – I have been attempting to do something along this line in general, but don’t want to come across too hard 🙂


        • My problem with it as well, which is why I threw Hoff’s law into the mix. 🙂


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