Islamophobia Part 3, Going on into the Maelstrom

It seems that I have developed a Reputation for speaking plainly, without pretense, to you. I’m proud of that, I don’t deal here in political correctness or any other euphemisms. Why? Because they obfuscate the truth, and only the truth is relevant to making the proper decisions for ourselves. our communities, our countries, our civilization, and our world. You also know, as I do that Evil exists, it is the absence of good. OK, got that? Good, lets speak plainly and honestly here then. Dr. Delacroix whose articles we have been following here and here posted one on his own blog last week that is germane, it is entitled, Levelling with Muslims. I am going to use a couple of excerpts but I do want you to read it all.

Levelling with Muslims

The Obama administration, as did  to an extent the Bush administration before it, and now even Rep. candidate Romney, all persist in not levelling with the Muslims of the world. I have some readers in Muslims countries so I will do it myself. I hope they will pass the word.

1 Our government pretty much operates within the bounds of a short constitution written and adopted a long time ago. It’s not just a fiction as the world’s mental adolescents tend to believe. It’s a reality. The main word here is “bounds” imposed on government action.

2 Our constitution unambiguously protects blasphemy and blasphemers.

What separates our moral tradition in that area from Muslims  is not a little ditch as American governments and the pussy-footed State Department bureaucrats would sometimes have you believe. It’s a Grand Canyon.

It’s not that we don’t understand the  pleasures and merits of prohibiting and punishing blasphemy. We tried it. For several centuries, our ancestors burned people alive for small deviations in belief. They did it with an enthusiasm never seen in Islam. Then, we decided that any restrictions to freedom of expression destroyed both human happiness and human progress. Shortly afterwards Christian and formerly Christian societies began forging ahead of all primarily Muslim societies. No exception.

We don’t imprison or otherwise punish artists who blaspheme the mainstream religion of our country, Christianity, when they place a crucifix in a bucket of piss or use elephant shit as material for a religious object pertaining to the Virgin Mary. Our governments are equally impotent to condemn a movie leader you happen to find insulting. How deeply or strongly your feelings in this respect are  is completely irrelevant.  And if you try to punish those who so offend you, you are breaking our laws and you become liable to our punishment.

More on the movie leader below

The early  apology the US Embassy in Cairo apparently issued unfortunately suggests that our diplomatic personnel is not that clear about our constitution. It’s a good emanation of the Obama administration in this respect. Let me re-affirm it: The US Constitution does not protect the right of Muslims anywhere not to be offended. It protects every American’s right to offend anyone, including Muslims.

Second, Ms Secretary, Ms Senator, there is no reason to believe that  the violent jihadists respond to our own behavior in any way except the way I describe above. They don’t kill us because of what we do, they kill us because of who we are. They also kill Middle-Eastern Christians, Jews, and Shiite Muslims because of who they are. Their ideology comprises no reason to stop waging war until they have conquered the whole world for a reborn Islamic Caliphate. Some are willing to die in the service of this grand cinematographic endeavor. But, incidentally, if you think about it, the number really willing to die is quite small in relation to one billion Muslims (take or leave one hundred million).

Continue reading Levelling with Muslims | FACTS MATTER. I’ll wait for you.

OK, you understood what Dr. Delacroix is saying here right? This is America and we have an absolute right to offend anyone, anywhere, anytime, and we will, It’s our birthright. If you want to live in the same world with us, get over it. Don’t believe me? Ask the French, they know all about it.

So, what should our path ahead look like?

I see three distinct ways.

  1. We can continue to fool ourselves that if we are nice to them they will love us. This involves avoiding giving insults to people who haven’t progressed beyond the 7th century and has been tried since then. Doing this at one point had Islam occupying Spain and laying siege to Vienna. It’ a loser’s strategy, always has been, always will be. It’s often called appeasement, since Neville Chamberlain tried it on Hitler at Munich in 1938, and we all know how that worked out. It comes down to: If not now, when; If not us, who
  2. We can “Drill, Baby, Drill”  This is not too bad an option for the western hemisphere, we could be energy independent within ten or so years, at that point we could cordon them off from us and let them go their murderous ways and ignore them, except for snuff films on YouTube, of course. The thing is while this could work for the United States and Canada, and maybe Oceania, it is essentially telling all of Europe to go pound sand. Maybe Russia could keep them going, maybe not. If America wants to try being free, with equal partners Russia and China and visit the Mosque formerly known as St. Paul’s in London, this is your strategy

So what is number three?

Number three entails doing Islam the honor of believing what they have told us for 1700 years. They say they will have world domination, and they have consistently said this. In the linked articles Dr. Delacroix has told us some of the reasons why we have so far outstripped them. The short form of what he and I have said here come from Great Satan’s Girlfriend, “The West is Best”. You know it, I know it, everybody, even the Muslims, know it, that’s why they hate us.

One thing Dr. Delacroix didn’t mention is that there are credible reports that before he was killed, Ambassador Stevens was raped. this is an act that was common in ancient war that western civilization has purged from our memories. For more on this, this link will take you to an article by Cultural Limits at the Constitution Club. We all know that in our societies rape is an act of dominance, of aggression, and so it is here as well, as well as extremely degrading to a male victim. And that was these animal’s point.

So option three involves acting like men. The short form is that riot control measures have no purpose, you invade American property, you die. You think Benghazi would have happened if the Marines had a couple of miniguns mounted and the authority to use them? Cultural Limits found a poster that expresses it well

 And that is exactly what it is going to take. These guys beat Rome and Constantinople by attrition and simple stamina but, those empires were only slightly ahead of Muslim so-called civilization. We are far more advanced, when we don’t tie our hands behind our backs. How do we start? Change the Rules of Engagement especially in AFPAK-You shoot a rifle, you die. You look hostile to a NATO soldier, you die. We go back to the rules that we used in World War II or even our Civil War, you of course remember that quote from General Sheridan last week week’s article (you should probably reread it) but here’s the money quote

 ”The people must be left nothing but their eyes to weep with after the war.” He advised that the insurgents be hanged, their villages burned and their lands laid waste until they begged for peace.

It worked on the toughest enemy America ever fought, the other half of America, and it will work now. And just a reminder of how we do it.

The military is designed to win wars, not win friends and influence people, used properly it will. Used improperly it will fail and take casualties for nothing. Either fight the war they are waging against us to win or stay home and surrender.


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10 Responses to Islamophobia Part 3, Going on into the Maelstrom

  1. The Rat says:

    Good post, nee. Perhaps a liberal or two will step forward and give us an example of just one time in history when appeasement worked. Just one? Hell – maybe it’ll be a descendant of Neville Chamberlain.

    The only thing these fanatics respect is brutal strength. We must take it to them before this is over, or someday, a catastrophe that will make 9/11 pale by comparison will be visited on us. But hey – it’ll just be because we weren’t respectful enough, right?

    Your last line reminds me of Rush’s definition: “The purpose of war is to kill people and break things.”


    • Yup, that’s a good line, like nearly everything Rush says. That’s what militaries do-break things and kill people..


  2. JessicaHof says:

    Yes, my friend, much though it would be nice to think that there is another way, you can deal with these people onlybwhen they respect you – until then, talk is cheap.


    • Very cheap, unfortunately. When you deal with savages, you have to use terms they understand, and it looks like these understand unbridled force better than anything else.


      • JessicaHof says:

        Yes, indeed. We’ve tried the other ways and they don’t work – so we’re running out of options.


        • I don’t see any other than the ones I delineated here, and two of them means losing Europe, which means to me there is only one viable. Why can’t politicians figure this out?


        • JessicaHof says:

          Because they still think appeasement is an option?


        • I suppose but, there supposed to be intelligent people who have read at least some history.


        • JessicaHof says:

          That seems to be to compliment them, alas.


        • Yeah, I suppose it does. And really, some days I do know the difference between there, their, and they’re, Jeez.


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