When Winning An Election Means No More than an East German Olympic Gold Medal in Swimming | Sago


I’ve said it many times and you know it but, we’re not really acting like it. 2016 does not matter. We have to win this year or we will no longer have a choice, this is it boys and girls. if America is going to survive as the America we grew up in and has led the world for more than a century we have to get it done. Here’s another one to tell you. Vassar Bushmills is the executive director of the Sands Institute and a front page contributor on RedState, he knows what he is talking about.

How many times in your life have you heard “This is the most important election in the history of our country”?

Mark this: There is only one most important election in any country’s history. And that is the one that promises to be the last free election if the wrong side wins.
This is the one.

America stands athwart a threshold of first instances, for no nation has ever stood at this crossroads before. Take the right path, and we remain that shining beacon to the rest of mankind. Take the other and we become as predictable and ordinary as a Mussolini takeover in Italy, a Lenin takeover in Russia, or a Bonaparte takeover in France. For where the next generations of those new American leaders will take them, it has all been written down before. From the Dark Ages forward we already know how the next generation, and likely the next, will play out in America once the socialists get into power.

And although Mitt Romney was off a little in his math, we know at least 35% of Americans are chomping at the bit to get us there.

In this coming election we are not so much deciding between Romney and Obama, or even Republicans and Democrats, as to what will be the very foundations upon which the republic rests.

Will we remain a republic? Yes, they’ll keep the name, socialists have always been fond of “republik”. But in the clearest terms, Obama has already said “no” to the old-time definition.

Do we stay on the old road and remain an imperfect, sometimes stumbling, sweaty, oafish but free republic with a Constitution written by free men for free men, (what Obama calls the “tired old policies of the past”)? Or do we choose Door #2 and turn down a planned, and dimly-lit, two-tone path lined with armies of well-dressed, well-educated managers, the 5%, the riggers of the system, standing watch over the 95% of the rest of us, all equal in our shared misery and below-averageness? Can anyone sing “The Song of the Volga boatmen”?

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Saddle up, let’s get this done.



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