Finding Romney’s 5-Point Plan.

My friend, Freedom by the Way, posted a bit ago that it was difficult to find a copy of Romney’s Five Point Plan, and I noted although I hadn’t looked for a bit, she was right, as usual. Following her link, I found it. Here’s her post, and then I have some more information.

I finally ran a copy of Romney’s Five-Point Plan to ground. You can read the full plan here. The official title: Mitt Romney’s Plan for a Stronger Middle Class.

I am working on a series of posts covering the points of the plan. But first, my nit-picks about the presenting of the plan and not necessarily what’s in the plan, which is pretty good stuff.

  • The title “for a stronger middle class” feels like pandering to me. How about “for a stronger America”. Sorry, Romney, but it sounds like you are trying too hard to remind folks that even though you are wealthy you care about the middle class. I get that. You don’t have to hit us over the head.
  • The plan contains quick, salient points but no details. I understand the need and desire for brevity. But could you at least add a web address to the plan so people know where to find the meat?
  • Finding a PDF copy of the 5-point plan took too many clicks to find on the Romney for President web site. I had thought that simply Googling “Romney’s 5-Point Plan” would yield an immediate hit. Not so. Not even close. This is your meat & potatoes, campaign-stump speech primer. It’s the quick bullets you want voters, bloggers and reporters to know, remember and share so it should be easy to find. It should be everywhere. So what’s going on with your search engine gurus? Do you even have search engine gurus on staff?

I’m not complaining just to read my own complaints. I really do want Romney to win. Americaneeds Romney to win. But in order to win, he needs to run the very best campaign possible.

 So  I e-mailed Romney’s campaign about not being able to easily locate the 5-point plan. So I’m sure by tomorrow it will be everywhere. :)

Finding Romney’s 5-Point Plan..

Like I said I found it following her lead, they must have been listening to her, it’s now on the home page menu but here it is.

Mitt Romney’s Plan For A Stronger Middle Class, Follow the link for more details on the plan including an infographic. it’s a pretty good plan. But they need to get their act together and make this stuff more accessible without waiting for us to tell them about it.


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3 Responses to Finding Romney’s 5-Point Plan.

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    Thanks, Nebraska. It’s fun to think that it was little ‘ol me that prompted them to look more closely at how they are dissemenating information on the web. But since I haven’t received a “thank you”, we’ll never know!


    • Yeah, well, Freedom just because they neither confirm nor deny we know why they fixed it ! 🙂


  2. Yeah right Neo. I’m sure they’ve got it fixed up about as good as McCain’s campaign was fixed up. If Romney wins, it will be in spite of him. It will simply be a backlash agains Obama. I hope that’s enough.


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