As so often, Mac nails it, directly on the head with a solid stroke. BZ, my friend.


One of my recurring nightmares from many years in the service was missing ship’s movement.

It was drilled into us from the very early days as boots that missing a ship’s movement was one of the worst sins you could do as a sailor. The cost was high. In times of war, you could even be considered a deserter. Court Martial was a horrible thing to have to face. Shame for yourself, your family and worst of all, the very real fact that you failed your shipmates.

Iowa Class B Ship in action

That’s right. You had an assignment and someone else had to fill in for you. Maybe you being gone would mean a missed valve that caused a flooding incident. Maybe the man who filled in for you doing port and starboard watches failed to see something due to his tiredness which caused a catastrophic loss. Maybe your turn on the radar scope would…

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  1. Another great post!


    • It is, I wish it were mine! 🙂


      • But you put it up there. That makes it partly your message; you shared it with the rest of us.


      • That is true, and I was proud to post it, and agree with every word.


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