Donna is exactly correct here. The administration is asking/directing companies to violate the law.

One thing that I find interesting, I don’t see how this would be binding on Romney, that’s a fairly big hole in the plan, in my opinion. If I was Romney, I would widen it some more, with a promise to prosecute for criminal negligence the CEO, the president, and the chief personnel officer of each of these companies.

Personally, I think it would be funny to see the president of say, Lockheed, trying to get a pardon from Obama next January 19, as the layoffs start.

The Conservative Citizen

We are a nation of laws, with a President who cares little for them.

Strong words? No doubt. But the time for nicely-couched descriptors is over. Queasiness about straight talk ought to fall away when the Chief Executive elevates himself above the law. President Obama has done that yet again, without even a hint of apology.

This ought not to be. Respect for the office of the President and for our nation of laws demands that we challenge every incursion against the sanctity of the law. If not, we are just fiddling away as the notion of a free America burns.

The Budget Control Plan passed in August 2011 to leverage the raising of the debt ceiling was and is a national disgrace. Everyone whose fingerprint is on it knows it was a ruse—the exchange of one dirty bomb for another. Now the fuse is fast running out and the…

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  1. Our beloved President can’t wait! Hence, he does whatever he wants to do, whenever and however he wants to do it. Rule of law? He can’t be bothered with that sort of stuff, that’s for his subjects.

    I have to wait for my absentee ballot to help vote him out of office. Doing so has become the most important issue in this election.


    • I know, I’m seriously considering early voting simply because I can’ wait to vote against him. By far the most important.


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