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This is a problem for most of us in our churches. We are too cognizant of getting bodies in the pews and not worried enough about what we are all about. We need to learn that if we stand for nothing we will fall for anything. This is from the Wanderer via Service Fidelis.


“. . . There are many positive and beneficial planks in the Democratic Party Platform, but I am pointing out those that explicitly endorse intrinsic evils.

My job is not to tell you for whom you should vote. But I do have a duty to speak out on moral issues. I would be abdicating this duty if I remained silent out of fear of sounding “political” and didn’t say anything about the morality of these issues. People of faith object to these platform positions that promote serious sins.

“Again, I am not telling you which party or which candidates to vote for or against, but I am saying that you need to think and pray very carefully about your vote, because a vote for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are intrinsically evil and gravely sinful makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.

“I pray that God will give you the wisdom and guidance to make the morally right choices.

May God give us this grace. Amen.” — Bishop Thomas John Paprocki By now, many of you have already heard, read or read about Springfield, Illinois’ own Bishop Paprocki’s stance on the 2012 presidential election. I would like to take the opportunity to commend his faithfulness to the teachings of the Catholic Church, as every bishop, priest and all faithful Catholics should.

The reason Bishop Paprocki deserves our praise and our prayers, is because he has proven once again that regardless of what the popular cultural beliefs are, the Catholic Church and Her leaders must always hold steadfast and true to the teachings of our Church.

The Other Side Of The Coin

“ One might argue for different methods in the ( Democratic Party) platform to address the needs of the poor, to feed the hungry and to solve the challenges of immigration, but these are prudential judgments about the most effective means of achieving morally desirable ends, not intrinsic evils.” Once again, Bishop Paprocki makes it very clear that there are huge differences between prudential judgments that seek “ morally desirable ends” and the support of intrinsic evils such as abortion and so-called same-sex “marriage.” The Democratic Party can support the rituals of Aztec human sacrifice for all I care, as long as any faithful Catholic does not also endorse such practices.

The problem at hand is that in our Church, there exists a proverbial “ other side of the coin.” There are plenty of do- gooder social justice- types that want to redefine what Catholic means altogether. Sadly, we have everything from

Catholics for the Common Good, Catholics for Equality, Catholics for Obama and my favorite, Catholicsfor Choice.

Just who do these people think they are to try and redefine a perfect blueprint created by Jesus Christ our Lord? Here they are, scribbling on a Michelangelolike masterpiece with their ridiculous rainbow array of false, social justice crayons. Oh, that’s right . . . it’s the same politically correct types that like to support things like a crucifix in a jar of urine and call it art. And back to that Aztec human sacrifice thing, we still have it and its called abortion.

Souls In Jeopardy

Why is it that many of our Church leaders here in America like to play with our souls? Why do they take our souls like a pocket full of crumpled up cash to the off- track horse betting facility? They play around with non- Catholic morals and ideals about the utopian “ common good.” They also enjoy playing footsie and having dinners and their pictures taken with elected officials who have demonstrated their hatred for the Catholic Church and everything She stands for.

Our souls are in jeopardy! Many of our Church clergy and lay leaders like to talk all about how this election can or cannot fix our broken economy. They also shoot spittle from the pulpit on Sundays about how so many people are being denied their human dignity and how we should support the unions and of course, every intrinsic evil that today’s overtly- politicized unions stand for. My dad’s union of his day would have laughed if you told them that one day they would be fighting for “ reproductive rights” or so- called same-sex “marriage”!

I’ll say it again; our souls are in jeopardy! While the evils in oursociety slither around freely like a thousand snakes directly from the darkest and deepest pits of hell, our USCCB leaders are having dinner with Obama. While millions of evil spirits roam about the earth seeking the ruin of souls, we instead have some dioceses throughout America telling us to seek social justice.

Censorship In The Church

Because of my published opinions on what’s gone awry in the Church today, I have been now officially banned from speaking within any diocesan events in the Joliet Diocese. I was scheduled to give a pro- life talk at a suburban parish in a couple of weeks, but now it has been called off.

I received a call yesterday from the parish priest himself telling me he did not know exactly why he was being given this directive from the big shots at the chancery, but he had to follow orders. During our conversation, it turns out that this parish priest was a former community organizer and that he and I had much in common in our past work. Go figure.

Apparently I found out that it was the “ Create a Ripple” peace and social justice staffers at the diocese that saw my name come across their desk, leading them to put the kibosh on my speaking engagement. They were obviously unhappy that I called them to task as to why they were promoting secular social justice voting guides leading up to the November 6 election. I wonder if they will continue down their wayward path or if they will actually make references to the five non- negotiable issues when it comes to voting for Catholics, those being: 1. Abortion, 2. Euthanasia, 3. Fetal Stem Cell Research, 4. Human Cloning, and 5. Homosexual “ Marriage.”

Stay True To The Faith

Stay true to the faith and always remember that the rewards we seek are not of this earth. Our earthly sufferings are but a splinter compared to a hellish eternity, forever separated from our Lord Jesus Christ. True justice only comes from His truth. Our bishops and priests should remind us all of our sinfulness and help us to seek out our Lord through reconciliation and all of the beautiful holy sacraments that the Catholic Church gives us. Perhaps then many of our wayward leaders can truly say that they seek justice for all.

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10 Responses to THE WANDERER

  1. JessicaHof says:

    What is utterly appalling is the way in which those in authority are trying to stifle the voice of orthodoxy – it is, alas, clear who they serve.


    • Those who teach unorthodoxy are loathe to receive criticism from anyone, whether from other prelates or from the pew. Their anger is always very telling: the unorthodox are quick to condemn their detractors unlike the orthodox who seem to bare with the unorthodox far too long. Funny how that works!


      • JessicaHof says:

        Isn’t it! I find it so unedifying, not least since the unorthodox are always the first to whine when the Vatican takes action.


        • Exactly! And I have known some very angry priests who were unorthodox and loved to spread their strange doctrines with those who have itchy ears. If you ever crossed them or criticized them they will try their best to make your life miserable. So much for their love of one another and the tolerance the speak of endlessly.


        • JessicaHof says:

          Yes, I have noticed that some of the unorthodox seem to think their every word infallible – must be why they don’t like Papal infallibility 🙂


        • It’s the old specter of pride raising his ugly head again. Satan gets angry when challenged. Papal infallibility would mean that they would have to show obedience which is rejected by all these modernists unless, of course, the Pope agrees with them — which is usually not the case.


        • JessicaHof says:

          Yes, they seem to have a problem with obedience to anything save their own ideas.


        • Because their ideas are so edifying —- to themselves. They think they are the brightest bulbs on the planet.


    • Good discussion guys. thanks for keeping it open.


  2. Reblogged this on Deacon John's Space and commented:
    This article reflects Rey’s personal views


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