GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD: Hail Columbia!!


OK, I’m back after a lot of yelling and being surly (not really, IT here is in-house and not full-time). Anyway I have nothing prepared, so a quick history reason. Ever wonder why Christopher Columbus was looking for a new way to India? There was a very good reason, and here Great Satan‘s Girlfriend to tell you what it was. And by the way, Courtney’s history is accurate.

Hint: Thomas Jefferson would have understood.

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue way back in 1492. 

This delightful ditty firmly places the date of the discovery of the New World into the minds of saavy kids everywhere in Great Satan.

Later on, CC get’s dissed in crash courses for introducing alien concepts like slavery, STD’s, baby Jesus and advanced weaponry to hapless, childlike human sacrificing races in places from South America all the way to Alaska

What ev. 

What was the motivation for CC to split sail from Europa and head west?


Find a short cut to India.

The real quiz is quite significant. Why? 

After all, Europa was the centre of the world for the tech saavy Europeans – India’s locale was well known since Alexander the Great’s era and thanks to Prince Henry (the cat who put the ‘gator’ in navigator) sealanes and land routes could have sweetly hooked up to provide the fastest transport times circa 1500 anywhere on earth.

Check out a World map from 1500 AD and the answer is prett obvious.

Critical portions of any route to and from India were totally beseiged by totalitarian monarchies like the OttomansSafavid Persia and an unhealthy mix of sundry and “…various m”Hammedist states…”

Plus, a newly reconstituted Xian Spain had just fought an expensive, bloody reconquista against 7th century time traveling control freaks and all of Europa wanted to get as far away as possible from said jerks and creeps. 


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I should be back on schedule today and/or tomorrow. IBM willing!




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10 Responses to GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD: Hail Columbia!!

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    Columbus proved, once again, that going off course isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Reminds me of Bilbo Baggins’ statement, “It’s a dangerous thing going out your front door. You never know where your feet may take you!”
    Hope your IT problems are a-ok.


    • neenergyobserver says:

      Looks to be, not done but mostly reconfigured, I had forgotten Bilbo. he was a wise man.


      • Freedom, by the way says:

        er, a great hobbit, you mean 🙂


        • neenergyobserver says:

          er, I do indeed, no excuse for that is there?


  2. JessicaHof says:

    Glad to see you back, dear friend – good reading 🙂


    • neenergyobserver says:

      It good to be back, sort of at this point but, better tonight, I’m assured so we’re getting there. I like Courtney on defense and some things like this.


      • JessicaHof says:

        Good to hear it, dearest friend. 🙂 x


        • neenergyobserver says:

          It surely is. Amazing how empty my life is without you and our other friends here, 🙂 x


        • JessicaHof says:

          Well, thank goodness we’re only a few clicks away xx 🙂


        • neenergyobserver says:

          Indeed so, it so frustrating for me with more or less numb fingertips to try and type on readers and phones and such, especially if I actually want people to think I know how to spell 4 letter words. 🙂 xx


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