It’s Time for the Truth about Afghanistan

English: Picture of CBS News correspondent Lar...

English: Picture of CBS News correspondent Lara Logan on duty in Iraq…originally a US Army source shown in the New York Post newspaper. Despite it being in a copyrighted paper, the picture itself is an original United States Army work, as is indicated in the watermark in the source (cropped out here). If the source link dies, the image can be found here, containing the source in the watermark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you read here often, you know that I’m never PC but, usually fairly civil, that may not be true so take this as a language warning.

That said, back when I was a kid, we lost a war, it was called Vietnam. We lost it but, the military did NOT, they kicked butt from the Chinese border to the South China Sea. Our so-called betters in Washington, specifically Congress, threw away their sacrifices, including 50,000 flag-draped coffins. Just what the great American people demand of their elected representative, right? Must be since they are doing it all over again.

You all know the immense respect I have for the US and allied militaries, and I doubt you’ll be surprised that I have friends in them, both enlisted and officer, and yes they talk to me, and they do not want to be credited with what they tell me, so you’ll have to take my word here. I gave them my word and I will not break it. Besides it’s not the meat of what I’m saying here but, it corroborates it.

We’ve now lost 2000 US service personnel (plus our valiant allies)in Afghanistan, what have we gained. NOT A DAMNED THING. From all the information I have the Taliban/al Qaeda, whatever is as strong as it was on 10 SEP 01. A week after we run away, they’ll be as strong as they ever were and back in charge. By the way getting our people out ain’t gonna be all that easy either. Whose bright idea was it to try to nation-build a bunch of corrupt 7th century tribesmen anyway? It currently Obama, of course, but Bush’s people are hardly blameless here.

Iraq is a different story, it was a somewhat secularized country, like the Shah’s Iran, as well as far easier to access, nation building seemed to be working there, kind, sorta, maybe, until Obama ran away from that one as well.

In the meantime, Egypt and Morocco have gone from being stable, if not friends, at least not enemies, Syria’s a dog’s breakfast, it like the eastern front in World War II, 6-5 and pick em to figure out who’s the most evil. Israel feels threatened, not hard to understand why, when Uncle Sam is standing with his head in the sand trying to appease militant Islam. If moderate Islam exists, it would be a really good to time to speak up before 40 more kind of hell break forth.

Because common sense tells me that Pamela Geller is exactly correct here.

There’s still some people out there telling the truth, so there’s some hope. from Maggie’s Notebook comes this account of Lara Logan‘s Chicago speech.

“Beautiful 60-Minutes journalist Lara Logan was reporting on the so-called Arab Spring on the day Hosni Mubarak left his palace forever. The week before, Logan survived a “harrowing night” in a Cairo jail, “blindfolded” and put in a “stress position.” According to the NY Daily News, Logan was “kicked out” of Egypt but “spent the next week struggling” to go back to Cairo. Which she did. The same day she arrived back in Cairo a brutal rape of some sort happened. More on that below, but for now, Lara Logan who has spent long periods of time in Islamic countries spoke to the Better Government Association, in CHICAGO, a week ago and told them the Obama rhetoric (Taliban apologists) about the Taliban for the past two years is a “lie.””

Continue reading Maggie’s Notebook Lara Logan: Obamas Two Year Lie About Taliban Driven by Taliban Apologists

As long as we are referring to the wonders of the religion of peace we may as well note that CBN via Pamela Geller is reporting that Egyptians are trafficking Coptic Christian girls and women, not that this is anything new, it’s been going on since the 7th Century.

“Muslim Trafficking Networks Target Coptic Women” CBN, October 8. 2012

CAIRO, Egypt — Recent attacks against churches are driving thousands of Egyptian Christians to seek asylum in the West.

Many of them are women who fear they are targets for abduction, forced conversion, and forced marriage by Muslims.

CBN News traveled to Cairo to investigate the trafficking of young Egyptian Christian women.

The Abduction of Mary

Magda Kaiser, a Coptic Christian, is distraught over her missing daughter, Mary.

“She was our only daughter, so we spoiled her,” she explained. “She got whatever she wanted, but she was very shy.”

“We were close friends,” Kaiser continued. “She never went anywhere without me. She always asked me to go with her because she was afraid of being alone, by herself.”

Mary, an exceptional student, won mathematical achievement awards. At the age of 19, she entered university to study pharmacology. That’s where she befriended a Muslim classmate.

One night when the two women went out together for pizza and a movie, Mary suddenly fell ill. Friends last saw her entering a taxi.

“We knew she was missing because she didn’t come home that night,” Kaiser said. “We believe her Muslim friend put drugs in her food and hired people who abduct young Christian girls to kidnap her.”

A day later, police informed Mary’s family they had located her not far from Cairo, in the town of Kerdasa. They said Mary had converted to Islam and had married a Muslim vendor.

Foul Play?

Magda and her husband suspected foul play. They believed their daughter had become a victim of a vast, Islamic human trafficking network – one targeting young Christian women.

“All this was coordinated between the government, police, the Wahhabis, Salafis. Everyone was in on it,” Kaiser said.

Officials summoned Mary to the police station where her father waited to see her.

“Four veiled ladies and four bearded men walked in to the police station, accompanied by two policemen with machine guns,” Kaiser recalled.

“As they walked by, my husband screamed out our daughter’s name, ‘Mary!’ As Mary turned around to acknowledge him, one of the bearded men pushed her away and punched her in the face,” she said.

Overcome by rage, Mary’s father demanded to talk to his daughter. The police refused and ordered him to leave.

They said they closed the case because Mary was now a Muslim.

The Kaiser home used to be one of much joy, laughter, and happiness. But five years after Mary’s disappearance, her bed remains empty.

The emotional hurt still lingers. Her family said that she was a devout Christian – there’s no way she would have willingly embraced Islam.


You remember why Columbus was looking for a way to the Indies without going through Muslim lands, has anything changed? Except that we haven’t enough guts to fight to win.


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12 Responses to It’s Time for the Truth about Afghanistan

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    Very moving. It makes me sick how PC our government is about the treatment of women in muslim countires–our government looks the other way. How about the 14-year old girl and her friend who were shot yesterday because the young girl is an “activiist” wanting educational rights for muslim girls?
    The muslim culture/religion, whatever you want to classify it as, is brutalizing their women–and in the process, their future as any kind nations that deserve our repect..
    And to your original point, Bush & Obama both screwed up. We should never have boots on the ground over there. I pray we don’t send troops into Syria. There are ways to stop that masacre without shedding American blood.


    • neenergyobserver says:

      I saw that one to late to include but yeah, it’s a sickening culture. There is just no way to have any respect for a culture that abuses people in a systematic way.

      In truth, I could go along with some boots on the ground in Afghanistan in 2001-02, in the same way that Sherman put boots on the ground in Georgia in 1864 and 5. But it’s no part of our brief to civilize these people unless and until they want to be, and then it’s not a military mission, the military’s mission is to break things and kill people efficiently, when we forget that we forget over 2000 years of western history.

      And Syria, no way, Assad, to a point protects Christians, but brutalizes his people, how do you pick a side in that mess. Staying out is the only proper response, maybe take in some refugee but, that’s it.


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  3. Great article NEO. I’ll never understand why Christians stay in these countries when they have children. If anything should spur one out of such a hateful homeland, having children should do so. Thanks so much for the link.


    • neenergyobserver says:

      Thanks, Maggie. I can’t understand it either but, I suppose it’s hard to leave everything you’ve ever known. You’re right, I can’t imagine raising children in such an environment. More than welcome, yours was the best I’d seen on it.


  4. JessicaHof says:

    I know some Copts, and they have been in Egypt longer than Islam has. If we had any sense or decency, we’d be protecting them, not trying to make Afghanistan the USA.


    • neenergyobserver says:

      i agree with that, and you’re right, of course, by hundreds of years. My problem is, How do we do it without mounting a war to do it? Not that they are not worth a war but not with our current (lack of) leadership


      • JessicaHof says:

        Threaten their aid?


        • neenergyobserver says:

          Why we haven’t cut it of already is beyond me. At best we’re on hold till January, I’m afraid. The hearings on the Libyan attack are on today, what a pack of fools our government is.


        • JessicaHof says:

          Seems so, alas.


        • neenergyobserver says:

          I don’t like it either but, POTUS might get confused who the enemy is.


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