Scenes from a Life Well Lived

A great place to grow up.

Best kind of town

Maybe again, someday. Jim Nabors and the Purdue All American Marching Band.

The family hometown

You already know how much I love it here.

Here’s part of the reason.

More to come, I hope.



About NEO
Lineman, Electrician, Industrial Control technician, Staking Engineer, Inspector, Quality Assurance Manager, Chief Operations Officer

3 Responses to Scenes from a Life Well Lived

  1. giliar says:

    NEO….it’s times like these that make me want to have a “SUPER LIKE” star!!!!! I can’t agree with you more – those “fly-over states” are the best! Each of your links made my day (of course, I’m partial to the one about THE Best Damn Band In The Land from Ohio State…it has over 10 million YouTube hits!!! Here’s the link: )

    And I’m also reminded of that great Jason Aldean song, “Flyover States” – love it!!


    • neenergyobserver says:

      Yep, i saw that Buckeye one last night looking for AAMB one. You know me, Black and Old Gold all the way. Did you notice the Sun UK link on mine. It’s the OSU band halftime show at the Nebraska game.

      And you’re right, flyover states are where America really lives but, we do like your weather in the winter.


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