Economic Issues, Not Abortion, Worry Women Most | Catholic Lane


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9 Responses to Economic Issues, Not Abortion, Worry Women Most | Catholic Lane

  1. JessicaHof says:

    True, all of that. It is so odd to be thought if by these condescending people as somehow not quite human. Women have just the same concerns as men, and the idea that only women are concerned in abortion is just odd.


    • It really is, and even odder to think that abortion and free contraception is the only thing that concerns women, talk about dehumanizing your base, let alone your opponents.


  2. Mr. V. says:


    I was tossing this idea around,and wanted to see what you and Jessica and Servus thought of the idea. I wanted to see if y’all might be interested in the idea, sometime in December, of a bunch of us Christian bloggers making audio posts on our respective blogs, singing our favorite Christmas hymns/carols. What do you think?


    • If last year is any guide, I tend to do a few posts of Christmas music but, in truth, my voice is better suited to the shower than the soloist role, I’m not to bad in a choir but I’m just good enough to know how bad I am. 🙂

      Other than that, if we have some that are good enough, and I think from what she’s said, Jess & Company are, i think it would be great fun.


      • Mr. V. says:

        I hear ya. My voice is not the greatest, not by a long shot. I thought it would be cool, because one of the things I really miss that doesn’t happen much anymore, least not where I live, is going Christmas caroling. This would kinda be like that, only in our little ‘neighborhood’ of the blogosphere.


        • We can try, I’m not overly afraid of this group laughing out loud at me anyway. 🙂 to bad there isn’t a way for a bunch of us to do it together, I’ll have to look into that. 🙂


      • Mr. V. says:

        Doing it all together would be cool, too. But beats me if I know how to pull that off.


        • Me either, I’ll do a bit of research and see what I can find, no guarantees on this one but collaborative software is getting fairly common. 🙂


  3. Freedom, by the way says:

    Great points here, Nebraska. Any woman who is voting solely based on free contraception and abortion is very one-dimensional. Just because Uncle Sam doesn’t fund planned parenthood doesn’t mean they would cease to exist. They would just have to work a bit harder on fundraising. And I agree, as much as abortion may be wrong I think it will take a very long time–if ever–for a new case to reach the Supreme Court. And by then, perhaps the proven science will be so in your face that no one can deny reality anymore. And perhpas contraception will be a lot more advanced, too, which, besides abstinence, is the the best deterrant to abortion.
    The economy is the driving factor in this election for most. And for me, a woman and a mom, it’s also to stop the bleeding of our values and our freedoms. I don’t like what America is becoming for my son.


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