I’me still on borrowed equipment here, so posting is limited but i wanted to share this with you.

Imagine that !!!!

International Liberty

While I have great admiration and affection for the English people, most of them are downright daft on the issues of guns. And the politicians are the worst of the lot, having imposed draconian gun bans.

But they’ve gone way beyond run-of-the-mill gun control.

This is the nation, for instance, that arrested a man for the “crime” of turning in a gun found on his property. Yes, you read correctly. I’m not making that up.

The government is so bloody clueless on this issue that we’ve seen mind-boggling examples of anti-gun political correctness.

Okay, I cheated. The last example was about a knife…

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  1. If this continues you’re going to have to pony-up the cash for some new equipment Neo.

    I’m afraid Obama is looking to do the same in this country if he gets the chance. It seems that there is always a bill pending in Congress to get rid of or severely limit the private ownership of guns: sponsored, of course, by progressives, liberals, socialists, democrats (one of those, or all of them). Its really just a matter of time as the progressives continue to gain strength. I only hope I’m not here by the time they are able to put the kabosh on our 2nd amendment rights.


    • You and me as well, my friend.


  2. If you’re not already members of the NRA you’d better sign up now.


    • Good advice, that.


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