True Grit

Well, it’s Saturday, and I’m still on my clunker (Thank God for scheduling) but True Grit seems to be a theme lately here and at Jess’s Watchtower as well. I think we were all pretty disheartened by Romney’s loss and Alan West’s concession the other day hurt as well.

But, America is still for the most part, America, and we built it, and we can damned well rebuild it as well. Jess, in her post the other day, here, gave us some pretty good insight on the American myth. As we were chatting in comments, she mentioned as she has before that her favorite movie is True Grit, the real one, with the Duke, it’s one of mine as well, especially this scene,

And speaking of True Grit, Jess herself knows something about it as well, when I realized I was going to be down for a ridiculously long period of time, I invited her here, late in the night in the UK, and practically before I got moving the next morning she had not only accepted but had a post up for us to enjoy. She’s the kind of friend that is always there when you need them, no matter what is going on in their lives.

Jess has mentioned several of those great John Ford, John Wayne westerns in her week with us (I hope she’ll continue here as she has time, I find her view of America to be something special). In fact, Jess herself kind of reminds me of this scene

Kind of looks like her too, don’t ya think? But, you know, I don’t really understand that lecturer’s point, either. Looks to me like he’s doing what Americans have always done, protected the womenfolk while treating them with a good deal of respect.

Jess also mentioned another old favorite

Thing is, the song has been cleaned up a lot over the years. The Yellow Rose of Texas existed though, she was a mixed race whore. If you remember, Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto, got caught with his pants down, literally. That’s the Yellow Rose’s work. A great American (and Texan) heroine, doing her job.

Another friend of ours, Servus Fidelis, mentioned in the comments that John Wayne made some wonderful war films. He’s right of course. This is my favorite scene from John Wayne.

You know, Jess is right, these films aren’t honest factual history in the literal sense. What they are is how we see ourselves, and to a great extent how the world does as well.

My background is Scandinavian  our myths had to do with gods and goddesses. But, we have something else as well, we have our sagas from the time when we went out into the world, and settled Iceland and Greenland, many say we founded both Moscow and Dublin, and the Eastern Emperor’s Varangian Guard were Swedish as well. A little boastful perhaps but, it’s well to remember that the Viking age ended in a resounding clash of arms as the Danish King of England defeated the King of Norway and two weeks later lost to the Duke of Normandy.

That’s what these films are: The Saga of America.

Jess asked her Mummy a very valid question back when she was 10 when she asked “What is America for, Mummy?” But she got it a little wrong, the real question is, “Who is America for, Mummy?”

Because it’s the Saga of ordinary men and women, who dreamed of living free, and were willing to do the hard, dangerous, and often dirty work of making that dream happen. Even if they were a one-eyed fat man or a Texian whore. America has never been about class or social standing. That’s what I think America is, the new start of western civilization and of the people with True Grit.

But John Wayne is dead and the flag is still there so let’s “Saddle up and get back in the war.

,And Jess, “Welcome aboard, Pilgrim!!!”

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15 Responses to True Grit

  1. I know this is sacrilege, but I like the re-make better. (Don’t stone me.)


  2. JessicaHof says:

    A big thank you, dearest friend – I can never see that first clip too often 🙂 x I loved the other ones too 🙂 xx Glad to be aboard.


  3. We have a channel here that’s having a JW fest. I’m in the middle of one of my favourite’s Maclintock


  4. This was followed by El Dorado and Big Jake—what an evening’s entertainment!


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