Culture Wars: Why we need to engage much harder

English: Mark Steyn speaks at CPAC 2008 as Pam...

English: Mark Steyn speaks at CPAC 2008 as Pamela Gellar of Atlas Shrugs looks on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We just wasted a billion dollars trying to drag a guy with an (R) next to his name over the finish line. Maybe we should have spent that money making five, $200-billion, Avatar-sized movies that framed the conservative message with great, big, blockbuster storytelling. We need a strategy for getting back in the game on all other fronts.” –Mark Steyn

I think Mark’s got a valid point here. I’m pretty much a man of the written word but, and here is the key, I’m also old. The written word has served us well for hundreds (or thousands) of years but, the generations behind me not so much. I know engineers in their late twenties and thirties who want a video of how to do things rather than an instruction book.

I think we all know the power of multi-media, that clip I ran from Sands of Iwo Jima last Saturday is an example. A man on a mission and training other men to carry it out, a man who doesn’t see the end but the mission succeeds, exemplified by the flag going up.

Is it a true story? Yes, and no. Did the flag raising on Iwo happen just like that? of course not but that story of the brave NCO who trained up a squad to be the best soldiers (or Marines) in history, and died in battle, happened thousands, maybe millions of times. That’s why it resonated with the men who were there, and with those of us who knew them.

The result? We won.

Here’s another

Watch that scene and tell me you want to win. And that’s the point, as conservatives, we’ve got the winning message, in all its glory, pomp, and circumstance, if we present it properly, remember The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit? That’s what the progressives are selling. Everybody wants to be a winner, and once they understand that for them to win, somebody has to lose, well we all know that story, don’t we.

Heres another quote from Mark Steyn for you.

“You cannot raise a couple of generations in liberal air from kindergarten to university — with motion pictures, with television, with newspapers, with mainline churches — in a default liberal setting, and then turn it around with elections. You can’t save the country with a guy in the voting booth punching the tab of the fella with the (R) after his name every other November.” -Mark Steyn

And then there’s this by Angelaisms over at Misfit Politics, I think she’s very right so read and heed.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am an avid gamer. I was a bit skeptical about the latest World of Warcraft expansion (’Mists of Pandaria’? That sounds dumb.), but with some gentle prodding from my husband, I dipped my toe back into Azeroth and have enjoyed the new content so far.

In order for my vignette to make sense to those of you who are not World of Warcrack addicts, here’s a bit of background. Dungeons in WoW require a 5-person group: a tank, whose primary job is to piss off everymobin the dungeon and not die in the process; a healer, whose job is self-explanatory; and three damage types, whose job is to kill the mobs attacking the tank. The tank will, inevitably, be doing damage to those mobs as part of the pissing-them-off process, but in most fights, tanks generally shouldn’t have a higher damage output than the DPS members of the party.

There are many different classes one can play in WoW, each with three specializations, or “specs,” to choose from. My two favorite classes are paladins and rogues. Paladins are hybrids: they have a spec for tanking, one for healing, and one for beating the tar out of your foes with a two-handed weapon and a magic hammer of light. Rogues, on the other hand, are a pure damage class, with three specs designed to each do damage in different ways (stabby, beaty, and bleedy, respectively).

A couple of weeks ago I grabbed one of my paladins (yes, I have two; don’t hate) and decided to tank a dungeon. I quickly found myself gleefully pissing off various mobs and bosses in Shado-Pan Monastery.

I soon noticed that our group’s rogue was doing a particularly bad job. I checked to see why, and was utterly flabbergasted: he was an assassination spec rogue who wasn’t using poisons. For everyone who didn’t just #facepalm: trying to play that spec without poisons would be like trying to type a novel while wearing boxing gloves.

 Continue reading Why Our Culture Sucks: A Lesson From World of Warcraft | Misfit Politics.

The thing is, we’re playing defense and we know better, unless you’re the ’85 Bears, defense doesn’t win, defense keeps you from losing, maybe but only a smart well executed offense will win, we haven’t had one since Reagan, we’ve spent the years since making the consultants rich.

The war is not going to be won in the election booth, that’s a symbol, maybe a scoreboard, and like me, the time of the written word is passing, so we need a new generation, thousands of Brietbarts, who can tell the story, the glory of freedom, in a way that resonates with the young. We have to change education as well, I don’t believe in banning anything really, you know why? Our story is better, when we tell it properly. Those that can do this stuff, get to it, the rest of us will do our best to support you. But all of us need to…

Get to work


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9 Responses to Culture Wars: Why we need to engage much harder

  1. And you used my favorite clip from “Casablanca” to ensure a most definite “like” on this post. (I always find myself standing and singing along when I play the movie – one of the treasures in my collection).


    • Sneaky aren’t I? It’s one of my favorites as well. 🙂


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  3. the generations behind me not so much. I know engineers in their late twenties and thirties who want a video of how to do things rather than an instruction book.

    Pure old-fogeyism.

    Youtube videos are an invaluable educational resource and more clearly demonstrate certain technical concepts than any dense manual.

    Adapt or die.

    I’m glad you posted this at the beginning of the article, as I stopped reading right there.


    • You shouldn’t have stopped, You’re right and it’s me but we need to change the paradigm for those coming after me.


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