The lady has a very strong point to make here, and I agree with her, notwithstanding my views on Christmas, which you all know.

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Update:This story is starting to go viral. Thank you to everyone for your support for the Portland and Clackamas, Oregon, Community in their time of need. I hope we fill the Clackamas Mall, and every mall, with as many people as possible to let all terrorists, domestic and international, know that we will not let them win. I was just interviewed by KOIN-TV Channel 6 about the following post and my plea for people to not let fear win. Thanks again to everyone for helping to spread the word.

I have a favor. No. A demand.

My community has been rocked by a deadly shooting in a shopping mall. It’s made international news so you may have heard of a masked man in camouflage shooting shoppers yesterday at the Clackamas Mall. As of the latest news, two are dead, one in critical condition, others harmed, and the shooter…

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