Senate Democrats Block STEM Visa Immigration Bill Backed by Republicans

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English: Charles Schumer, United States Senator from New York Español: Charles Schumer, Senador de los Estados Unidos de Nueva York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well, isn’t that special




You know the Democrats, those congresscritters who want us to feel sorry for the Hispanics separated because of visa problems, those Democrats. More crocodile tears, I’m afraid. You see, the Senate, well Harry Reid, to be exact has decided they won’t vote on an immigration bill passed by the House. From Fox News Latino:


The bill also included a provision that allowed spouses and minor children of legal immigrants to live in the United States while waiting for their green card application to be processed.

There are some 80,000 of these family-based green cards allocated every year, but there are about 322,000 husbands, wives and children waiting in this category and on average people must wait more than two years to be reunited with their families.

Mexico has the most people on the waiting list, with more than 138,000 people, or 43 percent of  all people on the list, according to the U.S. State Department. The Dominican Republic is next, with nearly 31,000, followed by Cuba, with 16,000.


One of the other things the bill would have done is provide 55,000 visas per year to people with bachelors degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. You know, the people who know how to design things, make scientific breakthroughs, all that kind of stuff. And yes, I have a personal interest here, one of my best friends is engaged to a Filipino Industrial Engineer, who would have been eligible under this program. Her specialty is Lean Management, which means that she knows how to make a plant more productive (I would read that as profitable) and therefore give more jobs to Americans, especially after she got her Masters degree in an American university. What she doing now? She’s the engineering and the lean management supervisor for a multi-million dollar factory in the Philippines. These are the kind of people we need in this country.


Senate Democrats blocked Republicans from bringing up an immigration bill on Tuesday that would have offered foreigners with U.S. advanced degrees in math, science, technology and engineering permanent U.S. residence.

Democrats said they support the high-tech part of the STEM bill, but not a part that eliminates a diversity lottery.

Senate Republican John Cornyn of Texas sought unanimous consent to consider the bill, which provides some 55,000 visas a year to those with high-tech degrees.

New York’s Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democratic leader on immigration policies, objected to Cornyn’s request.

House Republicans turned to the bill as a way to show Hispanics, who deserted them in the election, that they are serious about immigration legislation. But it met strong opposition from Democrats because it eliminated another visa program that benefits less-educated people, particularly from Africa.

The bill also included a provision that allowed spouses and minor children of legal immigrants to live in the United States while waiting for their green card application to be processed

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Of course that might be bad for the Democrats, you know, more people working, not dependent on Uncle Sugar, and besides, you start letting educated people into the country, they might have enough sense to get off the Democratic Plantation, and think for themselves.


And yes, this is where I want her to get her Masters.




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