Well, we told you. Enjoy the summer without electricity because there will be more.

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It’s An Obama World… Georgia Power Company Closes 15 Plants Thanks To Latest EPA Regulations – Gateway Pundit

The Milledgeville area plant closing will cost more than 200 jobs. ()

A Georgia utilities company is closing 15 coal, oil and gas plants thanks to the latest Obama EPA regulations.

reported, via :

Georgia Power said on Monday it plans to seek approval from Georgia regulators to retire 15 coal-, oil- and natural gas-fired power plants in the state totaling 2,061 megawatts (MW) due primarily to the high cost of meeting stricter federal environmental regulations.

Over the past few years, U.S. generating companies have announced plans to shut about 40,000 MW of older coal-fired power plants as low natural gas prices have made it uneconomic for the generators to spend millions to upgrade the plants’ emissions systems to meet the latest federal and state environmental rules.

In a press release…

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  1. More insanity from the Obama regime. Soon he will accomplish that which our enemies have dreamed of doing: reducing us to a third rate power and an economy that mirrors that of poorest third world nations.


    • NEO says:

      Quite so.


  2. illero says:

    But — isn’t the down-the-road end result of this kind of action simply the nationalization of power plants and the power grid, to ensure that needed generating plants cannot be closed?


    • NEO says:

      Possibly, and along with that you can anticipate far higher electric bills as well.


  3. mstrmac711 says:

    There is only one potential bright spot. As the people in the northeast huddle in their cold houses with nothing left to burn but their high electric bills, there will someday soon be a hue and cry about the inhumanity of leaving our most vulnerable citizens even more vulnerable (and cold). That is not the bright spot… the bright spot is that the feckless fools in the EPA are inadvertantly leaving us with unused coal in the ground for another day and another administration someday that will learn how to take advantage of it. I live and pray for the day when the EPA will be dismantled by a financially broken country and join an even more useless Department of Education on the ash -heap of history.


    • NEO says:

      You and me both, it will be a wondrous day. Parenthetically did you see that report that we’re putting something like half the co2 in the air than we were a decade ago?


  4. mstrmac711 says:

    Reblogged this on theleansubmariner and commented:
    The evil witch at the EPA will go down swinging. This loss of power to a fragile grid will only speed our vulnerability. How long will we exist on our knees to the uninformed and ill-advised dictator who has declared war on his own people?


  5. infrastructure, schminfrastructure . . .


    • NEO says:



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