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I’ve mentioned a few times that Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal was John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster‘s grandson. Recently one of my British friends [Hi Jess :-)] told me she didn’t know that little fact. In truth, I don’t remember where I picked it up, either but it is true. I knew it was through Lancaster’s daughter but misremembered the name, it was Phillipa of Lancaster.

Happens, in this country they don’t teach American history effectively so that my education in English medieval history is defective is probably not to be wondered at. Still, it’s rather interesting.

This article from The Freelance History Writer is about Prince Henry’s little brother, Prince Saint Ferdinand, and it too is a very fascinating story..

Portrait believed to be of Infante Ferdinand the Saint, Master of the Order of Aviz.

Portrait believed to be of Infante Ferdinand the Saint, Master of the Order of Aviz.

Infante Ferdinand was the youngest of the family known in Portuguese history as the “illustrious generation”. Ferdinand and his brothers and sister were raised by their parents to be educated and to lead in various ways, all for the glory of Portugal. But Ferdinand was doomed to have a very sad story.

Ferdinand was born on September 29, 1402 at Santarém, Portugal. He was the sixth and youngest son of King Joao I and Philippa of Lancaster, the daughter of John of Gaunt. The chronicler Fonseca Benevides states that soon after Philippa became pregnant with Ferdinand, she became very ill. She struggled but did deliver a boy after a difficult childbirth. Perhaps because of this, Ferdinand was sickly and weak as a child.

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In other news, starting tomorrow, we are going to start building on the foundation that Chalcedon has provided us on the Ottoman Empire and it’s neighbors and successors, so if you didn’t get the players onto you’re scorecard you might want to. Those articles are here, here, and here, and taken together constitute as good a short history of the are as you’ll find in the blogosphere. I note that this is one of the areas of Chalcedon’s professional interest, he is a historian, and he writes from a deep well of knowledge, which we are quite lucky he is willing to share with us. So stay tuned, class will resume soon. 🙂

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