Thoughts on Boston; and the Stans

Ethnic Russians in former Soviet Union states ...

Ethnic Russians in former Soviet Union states in 1994 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK continuing on the central Asian theme, mostly, and it’s relation to us. As I have come to expect, Ooobie has some relevant, and pithy observations. Why do we as Americans tend to look down on the Russians? Sure, we won the cold war but it took a long time, and I’m not entirely sure that it wasn’t a case of they tried harder to lose. It seems as if our government people have a very dangerous case of hubris, either that or our intelligence agencies are either having a really good time, or have become politicized beyond repair. You pays your money and takes your choice, here. I’m not sure any of them are the predominate cause, nor am I convinced it really, in a tactical sense, matters. It is, deal with it.

Or is it that they just know as little of the area as I do? That’s possible, I suppose, although they couldn’t hardly know less than I do, unless knowing wrong stuff is negative knowledge. Cause I know next to nothing, that’s what these posts are all about, I’m taking what I can find of a crash course on the area after Boston, and I’m taking you, if you’re willing, with me. Because I see little point to having an opinion on something that I don’t understand.

So, here’s Ooobie:

Thoughts on the Unknowable

Just some musings on various topics today, after long days of watching obsessive coverage of the Boston bombings, their victims, and their perpetrators.

I’ve been shaking my head about the fact that Russian intelligence tried to warn Americans about the Jokers six months ago, but the FBI couldn’t find a thing on these guys. Apparently, there was so little reason for concern that they did not maintain surveillance, either. Or keep up with their social media antics. It wasn’t rocket science, it was simple due diligence.

There is an underlying problem here that I feel ought to be mentioned. It is called hubris. The Americans far more than the Europeans are contemptuous of Russia in all manner of ways, perhaps because the Europeans, from Sweden to Germany to Poland to France, have been tussling with the Russians in one West European-concocted war or another for centuries and they have yet to win one. We Americans especially suffer from arrogance in the military realm. We have shiny new lethal weapons of every variety and the latest design, and Russia is still burdened with an old-time Army and Navy, unable to invest the gazillions of dollars necessary both to modernize their economy and show off their weaponry in Kremlin parades. At least I guess that is the reason behind our sneering attitudes when it comes to things military and security. But Russia’s intelligence services are still excellent and given the neighborhood they live in, they have to be. As far as the military hardware, it’s true that Russia doesn’t have the money to turn out all kinds of new models of all kinds of new weapons, but it knows how to upgrade what they have and come up with new generation critical weaponry. It still knows how to focus its first-rate scientific community on such projects. Most significantly, they are not talking about unilateral nuclear disarmament, although they’d love to encourage the USA and its destructive president to go right ahead with such a project.

America, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, has ignored Russia’s warnings on various foreign policy conundrums. We have been condescending and all-knowing, playing Oliver Hardy to Stan Laurel, or Moe to Curly and Shemp. We have ignored Russia’s warnings about the folly of intervening in the Middle East and in North African countries for no clear reason other than to showcase our big bombers, leaving behind unstable governments and huge pools of actual and potential jihadists that nobody can keep under control. That was a luxury the US could once, briefly, afford — the terrorists were concentrating on Russia and Israel, not America. Not anymore.

Maybe you’re not aware of the fact that long before 9/11, when Al Qaeda was a destructive whirlwind in the second bloody Chechen war and the terrorism that ensued all around Russia, the Russians tried to warn the Americans about the group. But we Americans always know better. Thanks for the information, we’ll get back to you. Al Qaeda wasn’t a big problem for us. And then there came 9/11, and suddenly we were Al Qaeda experts. Now we send drones after the jihadists around the globe and are on to their every move, unless they are up to no good in the United States, in which case we are close to stupidly ignorant.

Continue reading Thoughts on the Unknowable | Ooobie on Everything.

I think I’ve got nearly enough information to have an opinion, so maybe will start talking about going forward soon.


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4 Responses to Thoughts on Boston; and the Stans

  1. JessicaHof says:

    Good points here. Presumably the CIA thinks it knows best, even if it knows nothing?


    • NEO says:

      Presumably, it looks more like the (willfully) blind leading the lame. There a lot of stuff flying around-most of it very bad sounding.


      • JessicaHof says:

        Lots of falling into ditches 🙂 xx


        • NEO says:

          Yes, indeed, very well put, too. 🙂 xx


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