The Conservative Predicament

us-uk_flag_408x212 (1)Our viewpoint here is conservative, which of course, come from to conserve but, but exactly are we trying to conserve. A very common mistake is to think Conservatives are opposed to change: that’s wrong for a number of reasons. Not everything we inherit from the past is worth keeping: not all that the founders did was worthy of conservation, they were, after all, men; and that is even more so for our British readers, they certainly don’t want to conserve the world in which the Charter was forced on King John.  Secondly, we all recognise that change is as inevitable as the run rising in the morning. So we are not opposed to all change. What we want is to preserve what is good and jettison what it not. So we have to use our judgement; in a sense we have to pick and choose. This of course is what our founders did, as well. They used their knowledge of history to take the best of traditions from everywhere but especially England and Rome to forge the nascent United States.

Over the last few days, we have run a story about how a plurality in the United States think it will take an armed revolt to restore the Republic, Jess has told us about the local election in England, and reminded us that, as always, Kipling saw our problems coming, now it is time to draw conclusions and start talking about the future.

Many of us have yearned for the return of Reagan, Thatcher, Churchill and others, all the while knowing that is not going to happen. They like Cromwell, and Jefferson Davis are a one-shot deal. But we know what they said and did, and like the saints of the church, if we are wise, we will use them as guides on our journey.

But, you know, when I thought UKIP was going to have a good election? That was in my mind when the doors of St. Paul’s were flung open at the end of Maggie Thatcher‘s funeral, those three great cheers, and the roar of approbation that followed, As Peggy Noonan said “England Came”. England came again for the election, I think. They, like we, have a long way to go to restore their freedom but, they have started on that long road. I also noted that some of UKIP’s strongest support came from the area that in Cromwell’s time was called the Eastern Association. Something else came from there: our Pilgrims, the place names tell the story. Soon it will be our turn, will we join them or consign the United States of America to the dustbin of history. To me, the choice is that important, and that stark.

The variants of Marxist thinking which have been dissolving the common cultural and philosophical and religious bonds which kept us together – cultural and philosophical relativism, the abolition of the various taboos which helped keep the tribe together – have done their work best with our Metropolitan elites. That’s one reason the rest of us feel divorced from them – we still think we know what is right and wrong – and, yes, we cling to our Bibles and our guns, not in bitterness, but in faithfulness – in God we really do trust. Moreover, we don’t mistake Him for some guy in DC.

What do we want to conserve? The family, peace and security, the idea of a living wage for the ordinary Joe and Josephine who just want to bring up their family and have the sort of life their ancestors came to this continent to have. We’re keen on children, who we don’t see as a punishment, and we’re really not keen with so many of them being killed in the womb. We earn money and think we’re a better judge about spending it than DC. We think that yes, there should be laws to protect us, at home and at work, sure, but we don’t think every little step we take needs a law, or a Government Department paid for by us. Oh yes, and whilst we’re at it, we think America is a great place and that those who want to move here should be allowed, if they bring something with them to help – and that includes a can-do and join in mentality.

There we go again.  Except we don’t – we don’t tell people this, and we don’t campaign on it because our ‘leaders’ don’t get it. Perhaps it is time we got ourselves some new leaders who do?

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