Buckeyes & Boilers

You know that we tend to relax a bit around here on the weekend but, we usually have a point, even so. But we like to have fun, too. Last weekend I ran a post that showed something nearly obscene for a Boiler, I ran a video that included the Notre Dame Victory March, not surprisingly it woke up that proud Buckeye friend of mine, Gilia over at the Hump Day Report. I got this back in comments:

It came with some comments about some outfit called “the Best Damned Band in the Land”, and I wasn’t very surprised. I don’t think I completely agree with that designator but then I’m an Alumni of the “All American Marching Band”

Anyway, all kidding aside, it’s one heck of a band, I don’t know about OSU but at Purdue, the marching band is an extracurricular activity, no credit, nothing, well, you do get to go to the Indianapolis 500, and lead the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade and a few things like that, but it doesn’t help your academics a bit.

But you know, it’s hard to get too far down on a generation that can produce kids that show this kind of discipline, cause I’ll tell you right now, doing that script Ohio, is some of the best work I’ve ever seen.

And that’s the point, we need to give these kids that kind of leadership in things other than marching band, any 18 year old that can do this, can do just about anything asked, if someone will take the time to teach them. That someone needs to be all of us.

And here’s the AAMB, you know the first band to have an alum on the moon, on the Great Wall of China

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2 Responses to Buckeyes & Boilers

  1. giliar says:

    Hey NEO – that AAMB is pretty good, too 😉


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