No Means No, But So Does Yes

It’s fun, isn’t it when Europeans come down on the same side as American conservatives, granted it doesn’t happen all that much but, it didn’t happen in the past hardly ever. And when it’s a young, female European it’s even more fun.

But, in truth, is there anybody left that thinks the rules are the rules and shouldn’t be rewritten just for them. Apparently that what this college believes. Good for them. From Enza Ferrari:

Lesbian Danielle Powell breaks the rules of her college but does not want to pay the consequences

Christian College Expels Lesbian, Bills Her $6,000 to Recoup Loans Because She Didn’t Finish Semester.

What I like most about this article are the comments:

1. I guess she should have followed the rules. Lady Gaga or somebody will pay her debt no doubt. She will get a degree from some other school and be done with it.

2. There is no one so blind as those who will not see.

In a liar’s universe, there is no truth.
Professing to change her behavior to meet the school’s minimum requirements and then taking, and living with a same sex spouse in an out of state union is deceitful.

How can anyone purportedly intelligent enough to earn a scholarship not be intelligent enough to understand a few simple rules?… Oh yeah, that’s right, she has the Nobel Peace Prize winner Barak Hussein Obama Jr., the worst ever president of the United States, for an example of how to live an honest life.

Never trust the MSM.

3. Hmm lets see, she applied to a conservative school likely under affirmative action rules due to title IV requirements. She more than likely used her race to advance her qualifications over other more qualified, Asian, Native American, Eskimo, and White Competitors. Then while she was reciving her free education she proceeded to violate the schools code of conduct, and more than likely was promoting homosexuality on campus, through the internet and social circles. Imagine if a White Male was given grants and scholarships to a traditionally black college, and then promoted the KKK in the local community, it would be no less vile and offensive. Liberals only like morals so long as they are working in their benefit.

4. Everyone here gets it. This is a homosexual version of Sandra “Professional Student” Fluke. These people get in there specifically to disrupt and discredit an organization, then get them to bend to some agenda. Ms. Powell and her “spouse” are prime examples. Then, on cue, the trolls (in this case, atheists} come out and start smearing “so called Christians” with stuff like “if God existed, he/she would not be so intolerant”. Really? Read the Bible sometime. God is VERY intolerant of rebellion against His will. He is long suffering, but has limits.

5. gee if the 35,000people had only given/sent her 1.00 dollar each..then the poor disinfranchised woman would have her bill paid..but seeing she is laying the professional victim card…she didn’t stop and consider that..did she ?

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Then there is this, from the realm of ‘higher’ education.

When classes end for the summer, staff who have been officebound for the grueling 28 weeks that constitute an academic year are allowed out into the blinding sunshine of summer. While some repair to the beach or the mountains, others take advantage of the subsidized opportunity conferences provide to visit a new city or resort for a professional development experience.

And so it was for the several hundred members of the American College Health Association who descended on Boston last month to gather at the Boston Marriott Copley Place to discuss such pressing topics as enhancing college student sleep, eliminating waiting lists, and, of course, meeting the needs of students with autism spectrum disorders in a college setting.

There were also the inevitable workshops about the willy-nilly sex in which college students engage. This year’s exciting twist on the perennially crowd-pleasing topic broaches the hitherto unexplored realm collegiate sexuality where not only does “no” mean “no,” but so too do “yes,” “by all means,” “ok,” and “let’s go to it.”  We have entered the land of low self-esteem, and something must be done before one more chick afflicted with this terrible malady cheerfully suggests to her boyfriend that they get it on. Because you see, she isn’t really in the mood: it’s her low esteem making that booty call.

You think I’m making this stuff up? Well, I’m not. See: Beyond Rape Preventionby reporter Allie Grasgreen in June 5′s Inside Higher Ed.

Continue reading I Said “Yes” and I Meant “Yes,” but Dean Boyd Told Me It’s Not What I Meant. I’m Confused

So there you have it. A reasonable candidate for the end of western civilization. What these two so-called women? No. they’re as inconsequential as they sound, they’ll go on through life mooching off the productive, if we let them. The danger is that some people can’t see the absurdity of their world.

No is no, but so is yes? Stop the world, this is my stop.

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2 Responses to No Means No, But So Does Yes

  1. mtsweat says:

    If they had just stuck with the pills mother gave them… sheesh!


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