Christmas Gifts and Home Protection

Sort of a mish mash but they also sort of connect. In any case, enjoy

How I wanted this when I was a kid! I had the pistol and shoulder holster though. But that Tommy Gun was to die for.

This is decidedly my kind of girl

And it’s time, I think, for a Christmas concert

And Navy won.


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6 Responses to Christmas Gifts and Home Protection

  1. Hey mate, this was still a favorite weapon (i.e. the real deal) in the Nam with some Americans and even some South Vietnamese, I noted some chopper crews and pilots liked to carry it! That .45 round was hell to pay!

    Btw just a note, but my security on my computer brings up ‘The Constitution Club’ site as perhaps some kind of negative site?


    • NEO says:

      It was and is a great weapon, still a few around, I found a guy that would let me play-for the price of buying his ammo too. Well worth it.

      Google listing like that are susceptible to planned attacks, I’ve seen nothing on my protection software but, Cultural Limits would know more than I, her personal site is “Beyond Sodality” wordpress, I believe.

      She’s the editor there and should have the answers for you.


      • I confess that the site seems overly American to me, and does not connect enough with other conservatives and history! As we have spoken about the connection to Free Masonry, which is of course first British. The effect of British Free Masonry is I believe profound in the American Constitution! Benjamin Franklin, both the rebel and diplomat was an amazing man! He had his profound English friends, James Boswell.. (that great biographer of Samuel Johnson), and too the Scottish philosopher, David Hume. And we cannot forget the great printer, William Strahan. Franklin of course became himself, “the” American printer!


        • NEO says:

          It is primarily American, and I think all of the contributors are as well.

          It seems like everytime we touch on the Mason (and I mostly agree with you) the whole world blows up. So many Roman catholics and Fundamentalists have huge problems with the craft, I’ve never quite understood why but, that why we tend to steer clear more than we probably should, it tends to be counterproductive, and divide natural allies. It’s weird though.


        • Yes, indeed.. strange! But history is history! I have quote noted some of the depth of American Fundamentalism, as too some Traditional RC’s. A very religious place! Funny, Great Britain and England especially has so many profound Christians buried in her soil! But “Fundamentalism” appears almost dead there? There are some of course, but nothing like the US, at least now. Now the Irish PB’s (Plymouth Brethren) were interesting, though my one great gram called them, as herself, Irish “Brethren”!


        • NEO says:

          At the risk of crossing a bridge, I think a lot of it comes from the government becoming the nanny of adults. The one thing all of our old religions demanded was personal responsibility, and the one thing the nanny state takes away is responsibility for anything. I think that’s the key, and the difference in britain is that they went down this slope 30-50 years ahead of us. I’m afraid we’ll catch up, at the bottom of the slope.


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