Advertising, and Propagating Freedom

Strangely, or maybe not really, advertising agencies occasionally manage to make an ad that speaks to the old American ethics and even the dream. This time it was Cadillac. Here, enjoy:

It’s a great ad, until you get to the end. And the problem there is simply that an electric car is not practical in the United States, except perhaps in niche markets.

  1. It’s faster, but it has the daily range of, at best, a horse. And if the weather is not good it goes down rapidly
  2. The infrastructure isn’t there, if it was practical, and the economy was better, that wouldn’t matter, but the way things are, it does.
  3. At some point, in not all that long a time period, you’re going to have to replace all those batteries, which will cost you more than the car is worth.

So, I guess we could say if that ad featured a Ford Super-Duty, it would be the ad of the year, but, it has a flaw.

In other news, it’s CPAC weekend, when we get to see all the real (and supposed) conservatives gather together to rally the base. It’s always a good time, and I may well feature some more from it. My favorite so far is Texas Governor Perry, who speaks for so many of us buried under regulation while wondering where our country went. Being a good Husker though, I do have to note that we here in Nebraska, on a per capita basis have created even more jobs than Texas, but that figures, we’re just about as red as Texas anyway, and someday our state government will figure that out (or we’ll make the point rather decisively). Here’s Gov. Perry:

In case you haven’t noticed, the issues we are debating today in America, go straight back to our founding, and how we designed a free country, and how we have kept it, and more to the point, how we are going to keep it today. Nobody I’ve heard speaks to this better than Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

And of course, our place in the world is slipping, to the detriment of the free peoples of the world. How do we fix that? The Honorable John Bolton has some ideas on that. And they’re pretty good ones, even if I don’t agree with all of them. But that’s true of all these gentlemen, and that’s the wonder of conservatism, we all, each individual one of us, have slightly different ideas of what must be done. But there are wide avenues of bold colors where we agree, and are willing to fulfil that long ago pledge, of Life, of Liberty, and above all of Sacred Honor.

But you know, that’s all very well for those of us in my generation or the next one. How do we communicate this to the young’uns that don’t remember Reagan, nor have they been taught our history properly, because, if we don’t, the dream is going to die, maybe not in our lifetimes, but die it will. And so we will have violated the trust placed in us by the founders to propagate this remarkable and above all free land.


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