13 Ways For Feminists To Close The Confidence Gap

I haven’t caught up yet from having my curation software go down yesterday, so I’m delaying my posts until I get them sorted out. But in the meantime, Amy Otto over at The Federalist has some advice for feminists, and in truth, it’s good advice for us all, not just for women. Enjoy.

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13 Ways For Feminists To Close The Confidence Gap

In “The Confidence Gap,” published recently in The Atlantic, authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman write at length about how women should not fear being confident and taking risks in the workplace, followed by a warning that someone might take it badly. You have to wonder how helpful it is to spend thousands of words making one case only to undermine acting on that advice because someone might find your confidence off putting. Strikes me as a bit unconfident.

Still, I wholly support this newfound interest many left-leaning women have in developing female confidence. Here are some ways that women can demonstrate confidence right now.

1. Buy your own birth control. Believe it or not, women used to be able to do it all the time. It’s disconcerting that we are losing skills not gaining them as time goes on.

2. Realize that regulation is often a hindrance to confident women inventors and innovators. Tech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes is a chemical and electrical engineer who has invented ways to streamline, automate and miniaturize more than 1,000 laboratory tests — everything from blood work to genetic analysis. Her processes are faster, cheaper and more accurate than traditional tests and require far less blood. In other words, her work is fundamentally disruptive to the established industry. The Journal notes:

This strategy may be inviting a hell of a battle with the health industry, where the incentives are rigged against startups and the empire usually finds a way of striking back. Witness the medical-practice regulations that make medicine a cartel against competitors. Pathologists, lab scientists and technicians won’t be pleased if their jobs go the way of travel agents.

via 13 Ways For Feminists To Close The Confidence Gap.

It’s really good advice for us all, the older shorter version is:

Do not take counsel of your fears

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