Benghazi: Back on the Front Burner; UK: Catholic Blog Suppression, and Sucking Up to Moslems

I haven’t really been keeping up with the Benghazi story, I’ve been off on other concerns but, I’ve been trying (not too successfully) to keep up. That said, my friend Maggie, down at Maggie’s Notebook has. Here is her post this morning on it.

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Benghazi: Strange String of Command – Buck McKeon Refutes Lovell’s “Insights” – Someone Has Something to Lose

What does the House Armed Services Committee have to gain or lose by believing (or not) the men in command on the night of September 11, 2012? There is no willingness in Congress to believe the word of those in charge, and it seems there were several, scatters across the globe. There was only one person in charge inside Libya the night of the attacks, and that was Gregory Hicks, Chief of Mission in the Tripoli U.S. Embassy.

AFRICOM Commander General Carter Ham was the commander but he was in Washington, D.C. Ham said he retained command because of the communications capabilities he had there, but that Vice Admiral Leidig was at AFRICOM headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, was “on-site,” and had the experience to make decisions.

Also on-site with Leidig was General Lovell, who was “running intelligence.” Lovell testified yesterday, May 1, 2014 before the House Oversight and Government Reform committee. That testimony is several paragraphs below. McKeon thinks Lovell doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Meanwhile at the White House, former NSA spokesman Tommy Vietor told Brett Baier last night that he was in the White House Situation Room as the hell broke loose in Benghazi, and throughout the night. Speaking of “commands,” the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military didn’t show up — not even once, the entire night and morning that men were dying and gravely injured Americans were being rescued and evacuated.

Not only was Obama not in the Situation Room, he was apparently not in his office either as Vietor said this:

via Benghazi: Strange String of Command – Buck McKeon Refutes Lovell’s “Insights” – Someone Has Something to Lose | Maggie’s Notebook.

I just heard that (unconfirmed) that there will be a House Select Committee, so maybe they are finally getting a bit serious, one can hope. It would help immensely if this administration didn’t sound for all the world like they had been flunked in 7th grade and were trying now to make it into 8th.

In other news; The Uk continues its fascist ways. I know, this has rather turned into “Bash the UK” week here. That happens when you see your dearest friends doing really stupid and counterproductive stuff. If this was in most countries, we wouldn’t even notice but the UK is one of us, although they seem hell-bent on proving that premise wrong.

The story that we started with, here, and here, the Liberty GB official jailed for ‘insulting Islam’ or whatever bulls**t they call it continues to gain traction

For those who don’t know The Five is a highly rated American news show on the Fox News Network.

The £ Daily Mail reported yesterday that a couple of female football fans got in trouble:

Two female football fans ripped up pages from the Koran during a match before throwing them in the air ‘like confetti’ while chanting racist songs about Muslims, a court heard.

Middlesbrough FC supporters Julie Phillips, 50, and Gemma Parkin, 18, have been found guilty of using religiously aggravated threatening or insulting behaviour while watching their team’s away fixture against Birmingham City on December 7 last year.

Magistrates heard that 25 minutes into the second half, Philips pulled a copy of the Muslim holy book from her handbag and started ripping out the pages.

A British friend of mine opined in my email that if they had used the Bible instead, they would have been featured on the BBC, I’m afraid I agree.

In other news, it is reported that all 185 Subway stores in the United Kingdom will remove all pork products (including bacon) from their menus. Obviously because it offends a minority otherwise known as the perpetually offended (pseudo) religion of Islam. But that’s not enough apparently for them; Subway will also only use meats that are Halal compliant, which is the cruelest way ever invented to butcher animals. I don’t tell people what to do but, I won’t be going to Subway anytime soon.

Hat tip to Chicks on the Right.

In other UK news, My friend, and co-contributor at Jess’ All Around the Watchtower, Geoffrey Sales, has written a pair of articles that have very nearly gone viral on the suppression of Deacon Nick Donnelly’s Orthodox Catholic blog, Protect the Pope, by his Bishop and the British Council of Bishops. Those articles are here and here. I doubt that I have to tell any of you, that I categorically agree with Geoffrey. It’s a rum business when a Yorkshire Baptist, and a Nebraska Lutheran are defending an English Catholic, but you know freedom of speech is freedom of speech and Nick didn’t sign away his rights because he is a Catholic.

[UPDATE: Because he also is a friend, I note that Chalcedon451 (who is Catholic) has written a rejoinder to Geoffrey, which disputes not so much the facts as the decidedly Swiftian tone. It is here, and I note that in the comments a statement by the Bishop is linked.]

This one is arguably different, it may be a case of just plain making the neighbors crazy, I’ll leave you to decide.

When I saw the headline “Authorities Seize Man’s Electronic Equipment For Blasting Celine Dion,” my first thought was, Well, good! Anyone who insults Celine Dion’s flawless voice or enduring love ballads SHOULD have their stereos confiscated and/or burned in front of them! If they don’t like Celine, they shouldn’t be able to enjoy the privilege of listening to ANY music! 

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