I Checked My Privilege, And It’s Doing Just Fine

ksdownloadYou know, Kurt is right here. Why do we attempt to confer the honor of a rational debate on the irrational? All it does is make us as irrational as them. Laugh at them. Tell them how superior you are. Sooner or later all the special snowflakes are going to have to learn to survive in the real world, let’s give them a leg up. besides, it’ll reduce our stress.

I’m not, and I don’t think Kurt is either, talking about those who have sincere opposing convictions arrived at after serious (preferably rational) thought. They deserve our respect. But the name-callers? Screw ’em, if they want to debate they need to learn some basics, starting with 2+2=4 would be good.

Like the man said, “I checked my privilege that I earned just now, and it’s just fine.”

Liberals have a new word for what normal people call “success.” They call it “privilege,” as if a happy, prosperous life is the result of some magic process related to where your great-great-great-grandfather came from.

It’s the latest leftist argument tactic, which means it is a tactic designed to prevent any argument and to beat you into rhetorical submission. Conservatives, don’t play their game.

It’s easy to see that this notion that accomplishment comes not from hard work but from some mysterious force, operating out there in the ether, is essential to liberal thought. To excuse the dole-devouring layabouts who form so much of the Democrat voting base, it is critical that they undermine the achievements of those who support themselves. We can’t have the American people thinking that hard work leads to success; people might start asking why liberal constituencies don’t just work harder instead of demanding more money from those who actually produce something.

This “Check your privilege” meme is the newest trump card du jour on college campuses and in other domains of progressive tyranny. It morphed into existence from the “You racist!” wolf-cry that is now so discredited that it produces little but snickers even among liberal fellow travelers. After all, if everyone is racist – and to the progressives, everyone is except themselves – then no one is really racist. And it’s kind of hard to take seriously being called “racist” by adherents of a political party that made a KKK kleagle its Senate majority leader.

So how do we deal with this idiocy?

via I Checked My Privilege, And It’s Doing Just Fine – Kurt Schlichter – Page full.


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