Danger, Danger: Averse to Use of Force?: Respect: and Self-Defense

Let’s start with Bill Whittle, here he contrasts how we were raised to learn responsibility, honor, and some of those other old-fashioned things, way back in the stone age, uh the 50s and 60s, and why what we are doing now is so dangerous

I probably don’t need to tell anyone here that he is, as usual, completely and utterly correct.

One of the effects of this was covered yesterday by Beyond the Cusp in an article titled: Has the Western World Become Overly Averse to Use of Force?

The answer, of course is, yes, yes it has. And if we don’t get over it, it’s going to kill us all, except a few you’ll gladly live on as slaves, or maybe Eloi. here’s the article.

One of the recent trends in Western civilization is the simplistic equating any violent act with evil and unacceptable behavior. The tendency is to ignore whether any use of violence was predicated by actions causing a defensive act to become necessary such as fighting a bully on the school yard, something which while discouraged fifty years ago was understood and a semi-official permissive response was often utilized. Today there are zero-tolerance rules and programs which disregard the reasons, situations, explanations or instigations behind any act of violence; they simply mete out the required punishment ignoring any other evidence. Violence has become automatically punished with the prescribed week or two suspensions regardless of any mitigating factors. No longer is defending oneself permissible or even capable of garnering the slightest sympathy as violence must be vanquished from every corner and in every form from our modern and advanced society as otherwise allowing for such a primitive and primal act which begets violence must be eradicated. This preoccupation has metastasized like a cancer within modern Western society to the point that it has changed gender models and even modified how children are permitted to play. Violence has been so distorted and twisted in its applications and definitions that any physical contest now qualifies as a form of violence in the public school systems. This has led to altering many areas of education to the point where physical education and playground exercises have been completely redefined as to what activities are acceptable such that efforts have taken place to emphasize cooperative and productive activities during such times replacing four-square, soccer or football with a joint effort to push a large soft ball from one end of the field to the other end and then congratulating everybody for their equal efforts in accomplishing this formidable task. When normal competitive sports are actually permitted the poor little darlings are shielded from disappointment and the shame of losing by not keeping score and even changing basic rules such that everybody gets equal time and is rewarded equally. There cannot be losers any longer as that implies there are winners and nobody is any better than anybody else and competitions are simply violence in a different form. This is also part of the reasoning behind giving everybody a trophy if anybody gets a trophy. This insanity has also spread to all corners of modern Western civilization even to the point that risks are avoided even in some of the most dangerous activities as we must be assured that nobody will ever be injured or, even more frightening and unthinkable, die as such proves that whatever actions or endeavors the person was involved in had unacceptable risks and possibilities of violent outcomes. This had even been applied to the space program and military endeavors. The public has been led to feel that any death resulting from any endeavor or mission is completely unacceptable and thus all actions and missions must first and foremost guarantee zero casualties.

via Has the Western World Become Overly Averse to Use of Force? | Beyond the Cusp.

And the lesson here is the old one, if you have no winners, you are all losers.

We’ve often said that if you want respect you have to earn it. Like most good things; if you have to tell me you’re worthy of respect, you’re not. One of the ways you earn respect is not by shielding your people, but insisting on completing the mission while at the same time caring about your people. Some of you may have seen this picture over the weekend


Now look again at that beautiful young woman, and tell me what the difference is in this video.

Bush isn’t on anybody’s list of greatest presidents, that I know of, but the man is a good, caring,  Christian gentlemen that always did what he thought was right, and cared about his people, and in truth if we were all that good, it would be a much better America World.

Go and earn respect, as a man, as a woman, as a person, and respect will accrue to the organizations you belong to, whether it’s a firm, an academic institution, or a country. And we’ll all be better off.

And somebody else worthy of our respect,

Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez, a fourth-degree black belt in the Korean martial art of taekwondo, has been crowned Miss USA 2014. ABC News


Easy enough on the eyes, but that not why I included her in this article. This from Ace is:

She was asked, out of the blue, about the rape in America, and answered that a women’s self-defense class might help women feel safe “walking to your car at night.”.

That woman is a better man than most of the men in America anymore. Not a hint of pseudo-victimhood in her. And that is worthy of respect.

And, of course:



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