A Qualified Defense of U.S. Soccer | Washington Free Beacon

Bethany Dempsey, Clint Dempsey's wife (SI YouTube)

Bethany Dempsey, Clint Dempsey’s wife (SI YouTube)


I get it. I understand why there’s so much resistance to soccer amongst my fellow travelers on the right. It’s low scoring. There’s flopping. So much flopping. Not to mention whining. The announcers do that annoying thing where they’re all, “Italy were the better team yesterday” instead of “Italy was the better team yesterday.” Good lord do I hate that. And the scolds, mein gott the soccer scolds, the people who insist you don’t like the sport because you’re uncultured, the douchemonger with the scarf and the nerd glasses who wants to lecture you about pitch conditions and such.

Again, I get it. I understand your hesitance. I have an unholy inclination to enjoy the sport because I lived in England during my formative years; it’s my cross to bear, and I won’t try to convert you. But allow me to offer one qualified defense of United States soccer as opposed to “soccer,” generally speaking. And that defense is this: It’s an opportunity for America to prove that we’re great even at things we actively disdain.

I mean, imagine living in Ghana. Literally the only thing you have to be proud of in your dreadful, giraffe-free nation is the fact that your ragtag band of brothers has managed to lay low the Great Satan in the World Cup two outings running. You love soccer so much that the government was literally rationing electricity to ensure that you had enough power to watch the game. You’ll have been looking forward to this day for months, if not years.

And America ruined your shit yesterday.

via A Qualified Defense of U.S. Soccer | Washington Free Beacon.

Do follow the link,  Sonny Bunch share a dream of his with us, and i think it’s a dream many of us share.



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8 Responses to A Qualified Defense of U.S. Soccer | Washington Free Beacon

  1. This is an interesting observation, but Ghanaians do not think of the United States as “The Great Satan.”

    That’s absurd. Whatever else this Sonny Bunch guy is, he’s no expert on foreign affairs (or comedy, if that is his angle; see Jacques Delacroix’s work for more on how to be funny when mocking other societies). I would steer clear of him, NEO, if you are looking to become better informed about current events.


    • NEO says:

      I know, Brandon. I just found it a humorous take on the whole World Cup nonsense. I don’t really know who he is either, i think he was just grabbing cliches to make a point.


      • Ah gotcha.

        In that case: Bless Mr Bunch’s heart. I am glad that there are others more patient than I when it comes to Leftist cliches.


        • NEO says:

          Yeah, I know, that usually describes me as well. I guess I was ready to chuckle this morning, been a hard few weeks.


  2. I came here for the picture, by the way (nice advertising scheme you’ve got here!).


    • NEO says:

      That had something to do with why I picked up the article as well, at least it had some connection. 🙂


  3. Amen on beautiful women!


    • NEO says:

      and Amen!


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