Merica, Yeah!!!

Couple of things left over from the holiday. This speak (loudly and brashly) about how we feel about America. Enjoy, I surely did. Do note these are NSFW

Yeah, Buzzfeed, I know, but you’re going to like this one


via The 26 Most American Comebacks In The History Of The World

And from Ace:

America, bitches.I was talking with BrettCochran at NOVAMOME. I told him that one of the worse things about the avalanche of leftism in the last few years is the way it seems to be eroding my internal love for America. “Take the 4th of July. Ive always loved the 4th. Good times with friends and family. Abundant food, good company, beer, community, and then when the fireworks go off, patriotic music playing, I would always feel a swell of pride in my chest. I was a part of that. Me. Blessed to be the inheritor of the last, best hope of mankind. 10,000 years of human civilization, and we finally got it right. The 4th has always been an emotional affirmation. Last year I didnt get that feeling, I just felt sad, like I was watching something beautiful die”

via Saturday Open Thread [WeirdDave].


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