“America Is The Land For Big Dreams.” – Chicks on the Right

University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daisy over at Chicks on the Right posted a letter from one of her readers the other day. It says some important things about how we built this country, and how we’ll keep it going as well. Susie and her family are what I know as real Americans. Not rich, not prestigious, and above all not afraid to get their hands dirty and work their butts off to get it done. What she may or may not know, is that a lot of us came up that exact way. And you know what, if you apply yourself there are no limits to what you can achieve, all you have to do is believe in your self, and work hard, and honestly. Here’s a start.

Yesterday, I posted about a “study” at the University of Notre Dame where some dude tried to demonize the Tea Party.  Again.  This time, the sociologist and a bunch of his buddies found out that Tea Party folks are educated, so they must be raaaaaaacists because theyre educated – which blows that whole “toothless hilljack backwards redneck” thing out of the water but, hey – whatever keeps yall occupied during work hours, sociology dudes at Notre Dame.

Alrighty then.

Anywho, we got a letter yesterday afternoon in response to that post, and Ill call the sender “Susie.”

Susie wrote:

I would like to just share a little personal response to this quote, “When you’ve had little exposure to people who haven’t had the same opportunities as you, you’re more likely to adopt a view that ‘really anybody who wanted to could have succeeded if they only did what I did,’” said McVeigh. “I really think the key here is education is widely understood to be a primary determinant of where you end up in life. … But as we know, not everybody has the same access to a high-quality education.”

First of all, I just have to say that the only reason they did this study has GOT to be because they were alarmed that so many well educated people are supportive of the Tea Party, and they had to find some excuse for this that would make them look better!

I am not a member of our local tea party, but my husband and I both support the cause! We are 24 & 26. We have two beautiful children, a dog and live in a beautiful century old house in the city. According to our society, we are living an alternative lifestyle since we have chosen to be responsible contributing members of society instead of partying away our 20s.[…]

via “America Is The Land For Big Dreams.” – Chicks on the Right.

Speaking for myself, I’m damned proud to share a country with Susie and her family.


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6 Responses to “America Is The Land For Big Dreams.” – Chicks on the Right

  1. the unit says:

    I read a story not long ago about a Olympian medal winner who chose an alternative lifestyle. He has a wife and child. Lifestyle of my forbears, right up to me and my family. Glad I chose what I chose. So not genetics after all !
    Of course the anti-bear is loose now. 🙂


    • NEO says:

      Yep, I wouldn’t make different choices, I do wish a few had worked out better, but that wasn’t up to me.

      He is but, eventually, he’ll go back to Jellystone. 🙂


      • the unit says:

        “worked out better.” Yeah me too, but I’ve finally quit rehashing past, up to me or not. I wouldn’t have what I got now without all that. I count my blessings every day.
        I hope Yosemite Sam gets after his a$$. 🙂


        • NEO says:

          Hah!! 🙂


  2. the unit says:

    Just beginning to feel recovered from Tuesdays P.T. session. Last one for this week at 8 in the morning.
    Relative to title “America is land of dreams”, sweet, cute therapist asked me at the beginning couple of weeks ago…”What are your goals for treatment.” I thought…”To be waitin’ in your welfare line” – Buck Owens. No… I said to be relatively out of pain.
    Anyway I’ll do tomorrow and have four days to recover ’til my last two sessions next week.
    That’s all that’s prescribed, then I’m going to tell her…”No Mas.” Take a few weeks off and see how I feel after recovery. Old saying was with an aliment… either you get over it in time, or it does you in. Going to take my chances for a while. 🙂


    • NEO says:

      I’ve avoided a lot of doctors visits with that saying. Can’t say I blame you, time for a break, I think. 🙂


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