Politics: The Scripted Debate

OK, I got sidetracked by real life this weekend, and have nothing prepared this morning. Too bad, so sad. 🙂 But I think I agree with everything said here, and said better than I could anyway. So, read it all, and know that Neo agrees with the AC. Just quit getting so excited about it. Maybe it is the end of western civilization but, in many ways, it don’t matter until we have another plan that we can sell, and so far we don’t.

Adaptive Curmudgeon

I go on periodic “news blackouts”. When bullshit becomes concentrated I take a break. I won’t take bullshit seriously.

Lately the news is particularly contrived. They say there’s a new wrinkle in the endless circular firing squad that is immigration policy. Apparently I’m supposed to hyperventilate. Really? You know what wasn’t on the news today? The NSA tapped my phone. It tapped yours too but I don’t care they tap your phone. Tapping mine is what matters and it’s a sound reason to hate Washington with a white hot incandescent loathing straight from the core of my being. Also the national debt is $17,605,582,943,943.23. The press tells me to freak about a twelve year old from Honduras while the government spends my money in numbers never before seen and reads my e-mails? Bullshit. The press is carefully avoiding eye contact with their pet administration as it runs out the clock.

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4 Responses to Politics: The Scripted Debate

  1. the unit says:

    Looking around (won’t call it research) I found no definition. I’ll name it anyway. Compassionate consortiumism. Spell check says it’s not even a word. But I know what it means to me, and it makes a difference.


    • NEO says:

      That’s not a bad construct, assuming (and I think I do) that I understand what you’re saying. Well done.


      • the unit says:

        Basically… reserved for elite side, not our side. To heck with our side (heck…minced oath). 🙂


        • NEO says:

          Yep, that’s what I thought you meant. 🙂


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