The Cavalry

US Cavalry Branch Insignia

US Cavalry Branch Insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jess titled her post this morning Here Comes the CavalryIt’s the perfect title because this is a perfect cavalry mission, it could have sprung full-blown from John Ford’s brow. It takes no imagination at all to see them as starving settlers in Indian country, does it?

I saw a tweet yesterday afternoon, while the rumors of air strikes were circulating, it went something like this, “Somebody is bombing IS forces, maybe it’s the Americans. God, I hope it’s the Americans”. We’d be wise to remember what the world really does think of us. They know we’re not perfect, we’ve told them so enough. They also know that we are the last hope of people in bad trouble. We are the cavalry.

Because in all those westerns we all knew who was going to rescue the settlers, nobody but the US Cavalry. And since we Americans believe in it, and over the years nearly everybody else in the world has come to as well, you could sense the entire world sighing in relief last night when the President gave the command to ‘sound Assembly’.

In this case the troopers will wear blue and aluminum as they mount their flying horses, instead of the yellow kerchiefs and Stetson hats, but it’s still the Cavalry.

We got ourselves overextended the last few years and have had to pull back. That happens, it happened in the old days too. That’s why Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act. The Army was getting sucked into law enforcement so much that they were neglecting their own mission to help the Marshal. You have to limit what you try to do to what you have available to do it, after all.

But, and it’s a huge but, that doesn’t mean you should ignore wrongs being done, and you certainly shouldn’t stand aside while civilians are starved and butchered, because they’re not Muslim, or indeed the wrong kind of Muslim. “Saddle up”, was the old command

Tom Clancy said this a few years ago

Who are the cavalry? …Everyone who has seen a classic John Ford western movie knows who the cavalry are. They are the one who hold the line on the lawless frontier. They are the soldiers who come to the rescue. Even though some threats have disappeared in the last few years, we still live in  a world where there is no shortage of lawless frontiers or people to be rescued.

And so for the present the cavalry will be the US Air Force and Navy, and as they are saddling up Pegasus, you know that an old Irish tune will be running through a few heads. This one

And that’s the thing isn’t it? We can’t be and don’t want to be the world’s policeman. But I think that we are and must be the world’s cavalry. For this reason if no other:

If not us, Who?

If not now, When?

And so, by default, America is once again, the cavalry.

I also note, along with my friend Chalcedon at AATW, echoing the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope, this may be the worst of the lawless frontiers at the moment, it is not the only one. Where we can help, we should, and both there and where we can’t we must pray for the oppressed.

But we’ll pray that not many go to drink at Fiddler’s Green

Sound the Charge


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6 Responses to The Cavalry

  1. The Europeans, especially the French and the Germans, and let’s hope too the Brits, will get some guts here? Sorry but the AOC and the Pope are worthless! They both speak out of both sides of their mouths, and at the same time!


    • NEO says:

      Part of their problem, no doubt, is that they have no bases in the area, if I understand we’re working of our carrier task force. In some way I agree but both statements this week were quite good, especially the AOC’s. Will they stick with it? Time will tell, and the same goes for Obama, for that matter.


      • As the old saying goes: ‘Talk is Cheap’! And we have heard plenty of talk out of both the Vatican, as the CoE over the many years! Until it arrives right at the foot of their door, not much in going to happen in Britain or Europe! But, sadly it IS really happening, but the liberal mind-set, can’t ever see it! Even when its right before them! And there are too many historical elements to mention! Starting with Chamberlin for example! ‘Peace, peace, when there is no peace’!


        • NEO says:

          You know I agree on talk. But this AOC does seem like his head is screwed on well, how they ever appointed such a one, I don’t know. We’ll see if he keeps up the skeer. The Vatican is the Vatican, and yet it is one of the causes of the demise of the USSR, thing about churches is, in this world they ARE all talk, their results are in the next. I figure encourage them when they’re right and criticize when they’re wrong, maybe they’ll figure it out, maybe not.


        • Until either church stands beside Modern Israel, the people of the Incarnate Messiah (Romans 15: 8-9), they both seem near the edge of the Gentile Apostasy to my mind, simply odious!


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