Video Friday

Let’s start with Bill Whittle on Putin (Hint: he’s not a friend of freedom)


And Andrew Klavan explains income redistribution


Simplified a bit, he doesn’t account for the huge overhead involved but, he is correct.

Bill Whittle again on Robin Williams and 20 other very important people who died that day.


A few days ago, Sean Hannity interviewed PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and it’s here


And this, just to round out the day


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2 Responses to Video Friday

  1. Hello Neo…I don’t say that what was..wasn’t. But Things Change, People Change and Above All circonstances Change as well as multiple interest that may cross each other.
    Russian is an Ally, it belong to the Western Culture and as such are target from Islam, like us.


    • NEO says:

      I try to believe that, Wil. But what I see is a Russian imperialist playing great power games. Is he as bad as Beria? No, of course not. Is he an ally? No, not at this time, although he should be.


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