A Remembrance of Freedom

This will be likely the saddest post seen in many days on NEO.

I think you all know by now, that I am very definitely an Anglophile, I love the English nearly as much as I do the Americans but, it is increasingly becoming a dysfunctional relationship, as Britain sinks into being simply another European province, and sells its heritage of freedom for a mess of European stagnation. Still, it’s their country to do with as they will. For all that it troubles me greatly.

My co-author and editor here, Jessica, has taken her blog, All Along the Watchtower, private.

It was not by choice but because pressure was applied, and as we have several times noted here, free speech does not exist in the United Kingdom. While I grieve at the development, I would have made the same decision, it was a matter of loyalty and honor, and I would have had her do no other.

Understand this, my American readers, when you say, “It can’t happen here.” You are wrong, It can, and it has, happened here, and it will again. I also pray that you remember, as I do, that our rights come from English law, and as we move toward the 800th anniversary of Magna Charta, ours are in more danger now than they have ever been before as well.

Here is her announcement, in its entirety (if she doesn’t like it, she can sue me!)

From Saturday 16 August, this blog will be accessible only to registered readers with a WordPress account. I will be sorry to lose new readers, and anyone who wants access to it or to existing content can do so by requesting it.

Our thanks to all our readers, but it seems increasingly difficult for some of my contributors to combine free speech and employment, and I cannot be responsible for harm coming to others.

Thank you for your company across the last two and a half years, and God bless you all.

Jess xx

AATW has been one of the most stalwart Christian blogs in the UK, representing all Christian viewpoints. I have been honored by the friendship of my fellow contributors there, nearly since the blogs beginnings, and I shall miss the fellowship, the friendship, and the sharing of knowledge that has meant so much to me. Through it also, Jessica, herself has become my dearest friend, and I must say that this contretemps angers me greatly. It is indeed a tawdry end for a wonderful vision. I note that Jessica, herself, will continue to write here, and that is nearly the only ray of good news involved.

From Tennyson, one of Queen Victoria’s favorites

A happy lover who has come
To look on her that loves him well,
Who ‘lights and rings the gateway bell,
And learns her gone and far from home;

He saddens, all the magic light
Dies off at once from bower and hall,
And all the place is dark, and all
The chambers emptied of delight:

So find I every pleasant spot
In which we two were wont to meet,
The field, the chamber, and the street,
For all is dark where thou art not.

Yet as that other, wandering there
In those deserted walks, may find
A flower beat with rain and wind,
Which once she foster’d up with care;

So seems it in my deep regret,
O my forsaken heart, with thee
And this poor flower of poesy
Which little cared for fades not yet.

But since it pleased a vanish’d eye,
I go to plant it on his tomb,
That if it can it there may bloom,
Or, dying, there at least may die.


An all too “brief and shining moment”, indeed. I will carry its memory to the grave.

For truly, it has been my second home, and I would give anything, save honor, to have it continue.


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10 Responses to A Remembrance of Freedom

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    • NEO says:

      You must use fair use standards, or you are infringing my copyright, unless you get prior permission, which you haven’t


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  3. the unit says:

    I probably don’t need to know. But when you say “…not by choice but because pressure was applied,… it was a matter of loyalty and honor…” Are you saying pressure applied for loyalty and honor?
    That’s just a little confusing to me. Forgive please if question is out of line. Been reading you for…well… not so very long and not much in past of Jessica.
    But I do wonder when bloggers go away, remember not so long ago I asked you about Sarah Roman?


    • NEO says:

      I can’t say much, Unit. but pressure was applied to some of her contributors to separate themselves from the blog, or pay a price at work. Jess did the honorable thing and backed them up. Tomorrow we will link a new blog, which will continue the public mission.

      It sucks when the bigots get enough control to do crap like this. But it will work out, eventually.

      I’m pretty sure, to answer your question, that it’s not the first, its more common in the UK but it happens here as well.


      • the unit says:

        I understand. Thanks for that information. With NSA monitoring every breath I take and every step I make, it’s coming here.


        • NEO says:

          Yeah, it is.


  4. Hello NEO ..Salute.
    I did understand that Jessica won’t come here no more; But You Neo…It is the Same or Are You Staying ?


  5. Well NEO in case your site close. I want to give you a gift. I did appreciate many of your, and some post particular in NEO,
    You never did like everyone else..and Guess That’s a Blessing.
    Those DVD are a must to Watch. Just : The American Future: A History I didn’t seen it

    A History of Britain: The Complete Collection



    A History of Scotland



    The American Future: A History
    Simon Schama



    • NEO says:

      Thanks, Wil, a lot. I don’t see NEO going anywhere, I’m pretty hard nosed, not overly vulnerable. I’ll enjoy those a lot, I think.


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