Once More Into the Breach, Dear Friends?

On 26 September 1580, a ship docked in Portsmouth, England. That wasn’t unusual, then as now it was one of England’s great ports. But this particular docking would echo through history. For this was the Golden Hind, returning from the first circumnavigation of the world by a non-Spaniard. Soon the captain, Francis Drake, would be knighted on the ship’s deck, by Queen Elizabeth I, and in a few years he would play a key role in the Battle with the Armada.

Elizabeth’s father Henry VIII, did some things that are important to this story, he established the Royal Navy, for the first time it became a force that was always ready. And he took England out of the Roman Church, which allowed her to go her own way, mostly looking outward, and not being involved with European politics as much as before.

But the reason this echoes so loudly in history wasn’t evident that day or even after the Armada had been stood off. It started to become apparent when England went to war with its King in the Civil War and even more so when the second chapter of that war saw the end of the first Empire, and the establishment of the United States.

Because what Sir Francis Drake accomplished that day in Portsmouth, was nothing less than the founding of the modern world, with all its freedom. If you look around at the world we live in. A world without legal slavery, where we are governed by our consent through objective law, and all the rest, you will find something surprising. It is all an English invention. It took England about 800 hundred years to put it together, and the rest of us in western civilization mostly copied it. Too often we forget that as Lady Astor somewhat unfairly said, our revolution was simply, “English freemen fighting against a German King for English rights”.

But now, in 2014, we are watching in horror as an evil group of thugs, misappropriate a religion, Islam, for the purpose of enforcing their will on the world. Nobody can claim they don’t aim high, at any rate.

anglosphere1But once again, the main obstacle between these thugs and their victory are the English Speaking Peoples. We are the ones that could have stopped Hitler easily in say 1934, but we were tired and worried about making a living. We paid for that mistake later, but Hitler and his henchman caused a holocaust of unparalleled scope in Europe. We learned from that and managed to face down Stalin and his successors without ending the world. But as the Soviet Union self-destructed, we declared it the end of history. We should have known better, evil never sleeps, it always looks for room to expand.

And so, we were attacked, in New York, and in London as the new century started, and we responded, as we always have. But this time we tried a kinder, gentler form of war, and attempted to make it easy on the local population, and to help them become like us. It seems as if it may have been a mistake.

The Hollow Men 5And so, here we are, with the weakest leadership our country has had since we entered the world stage in about 1900. They seem to have no clue what to do next.

That’s not surprising, the president has spent his entire life voting present while denigrating the military. Nor has he ever either led or managed anything. And yet, we elected him, twice. I guess we were/are tired of war.

But is war tired of us?

In business, as in war, one must have a strategy (an overriding plan). It seems to me, with an enemy as close to pure evil as ISIS, the only reasonable objective is to destroy it, root and branch, as we did the Nazis.

One level down from that is how are you going to accomplish your goal. Well, kids that’s why we have a military, and all its planners. We knew (and so did the British) on 7 December 1941 the broad outline of how we were going to fight World War Two. It was called RAINBOW. And we went on to execute it, and win, unconditionally. This is a specialized area of planning, and politicians are well advised to leave it to the military, just as I don’t tell a journeyman how to do his job. Give him the tools, and tell him what needs to be done.

And the same is true for tactics, if the guys in the field want an A-10 don’t send a B-2, at least if you can help it. In many ways our forces are best used as a force multiplier, they can do things no one else in the world can do. But a rifleman is basically a rifleman, whether he’s from London, Omaha, or Baghdad.

But the key thing here is, as it always is, the will of the people, and especially the leadership, and that is what worries me. When Obama said these guys are the JV, he spoke the truth, but the JV is much better than the girls 5th grade team, especially if they know that to lose is to die. And the JV will win if the varsity doesn’t show up.

But neither is that preordained, we have not only agency over ourselves but over what we do for and to others, for we are free people, and we are sovereign over our governments. For nearly five hundred years we, the English Speaking Peoples, have built the modern world in our image. We have endowed it with most of the comforts, including a full belly, that we innovated, and with the possibility of making oneself free to act in one own best interest. And so the question becomes, “Have we become too soft, too self-centered, to act once again for the good against evil, or will we once again rise to the challenge to make the world a better place, for ourselves, certainly, but also for others, whom we will never meet or know?”

And some of our nationalities have won their fame with all of us

For a long time now, they have been known as “The Ladies from Hell”, and they have earned it, from friend and foe alike, by their uncompromising stand, for freedom from oppression, no matter the odds.

But this isn’t “proud Edward’s power, with slavery and chains”. This is a bunch of ragtag so-called terrorists, who are really no more than well armed bullies. Are we, the guarantors of freedom for five hundred years really going to sit back while they murder and enslave ancient civilizations? All Europe will do is finance them by paying ransom but, our people learned about that long ago, when we found out how hard it is to get rid of the Dane when you pay the Danegeld.

A bit more than seventy years ago, a guy by the name of Hitler, said he would wring England’s neck like a chicken. Churchill said “Some Chicken, some neck”. A friend of mine, an Englishmen reminded me yesterday that we are the same people who Churchill was speaking of. Maybe we should begin acting like it again.

When have we ever not heeded this call

Truly, it is time to once again

Sound the trumpet that shall never call retreat

As Christ died to make men holy,

let us live to make men free.


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17 Responses to Once More Into the Breach, Dear Friends?

  1. Mike says:

    You forgot the part about the UN in 1948 stealing Palestine to set up a new European colony and how since then there has been a steady progression toward more songs more extreme forms of Arab revolt including the current trend toward Islamic extremists.


    • NEO says:

      I also forgot the part about how the Romans drove out the Jews and gave the land to the Palestinians, who did nothing with it for 1900 years.


      • Mike says:

        You need more than that


        • NEO says:

          Actually, no, I don’t. I default for civilized people over terrorists. Th only free Arabs are israeli citizen. And the article is about ISIS anyway. If you wish to correlate HAMAS as being the same, I won’t disagree. But I don’t actually know that.


        • Mike says:

          You need a lot more than that! Honestly, for a supporter of liberty and the American way of life, your argument is embarrassing. HAMAS is not the Palestinian people. It is just the latest of an increasingly extreme groups who are willing to fight to right the injustice of 1948. If justice were pursued few would be willing to listen to such extremists.

          How about we have the UN come by your neck of the woods to see if you’ve done enough with it to let you keep it?


  2. the unit says:

    How many economics professors in Madison does it take to screw in his light bulb? None… they only screw it Keynesian counter clockwise.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. the unit says:

    I finally got me an avatar. It’s a hydrangea. Just a flower with lots of meaning and fragrance that mother used to like. You would never believe what inspired me to take such a step, been happy for years with default avatars that worked fine for me. But I changed and hoped I’d never have to fist bump! Still a hand shake here! 🙂


    • NEO says:

      Me too, Unit. Fist bumps tell you nothing of character. Congrats on the Av. 🙂


    • the unit says:

      Well, I met a few characters back in my day that I gave a fist bump to, like to where this one needs it.
      Thanks for the congrats. I proud to be reaching computer and internet puberty. Looking ahead with glee (phrase… omitting “Forward”) to growth and responsible usage. 🙂


      • NEO says:

        Sure and we slapped each others butts on the football field as well. Each to its own place. The man said to every thing there is a season, after all.

        Glee is good, and responsibility better. 🙂


        • the unit says:

          Thanks for being kind to my simple comments. I read lots here and at new site ‘All Around the Western Front.’ Gets too deep into it all for me to comment on such. I don’t go any further than what Momma told me…’Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so’. That’s worked in my relationship to others for…well, a long time. That and vacation Bible school song about Jesus loves all the little children red, yellow, black and white. I think song went on that all are glorious in his sight. I too old to delve more deeply, and as you used “default” above, I default back to all that.
          P.S. Momma thought it was pretty simple to “get it”, me too. 🙂


        • NEO says:

          We do go pretty far out in the weeds there, sometimes, and it’s interesting. But that song, and I remember it too, pretty well sums it up for me as well.

          That’s part of what I love about Jess’ posts there, she usually gets down to the basics, and love for our brothers (and sisters) is about as basic as it gets.

          I will say this though, the people that write there (mostly, anyway) aren’t going to look down on you for simple comments, they’re good folks, mostly educators at one level or another. They’re far better educated than I am, and several have become close friends, jump on in if you feel the urge.

          I try to be kind, and reflect almost always what is directed towards me. Do I succeed? Sometimes! 🙂


        • the unit says:

          “Sometimes” you say. I never seen anything but the “Golden Rule”@ here. Except when recently outlawed incandescent one can’t screw clockwise. You sort of told him to keep screwing it his way according to his faulty default. Well, that’s how I saw it. Having some fun down on the bayou, me oh my oh.! 🙂


        • NEO says:

          Yeah, I try but have limits. I like him but on that issue we differ strongly, and we’re not going to convince each other. It’s a nice day for a hayride here, too bad I haven’t any. 🙂


        • the unit says:

          I know. I haven’t had any like my last hayride either. Been done had some other of course over the years, but not like that hayride, very cordial and hospitable to say the least. That certain feeling.

          Liked by 1 person

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