Labor Day

English: Col. Theodore Roosevelt. Crop of Imag...
English: Col. Theodore Roosevelt. Crop of Image:Theodore Roosevelt, 1898.png with minor Photoshop cleanup עברית: תאודור רוזוולט (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In North America today is Labor Day. If you’re a Canuck you can put the ‘u’ back in there for yourself. Theodore Roosevelt was a practical sort of man. Nobody ever accused him of being lazy but he also didn’t believe in doing useless work either. So he took a bunch of useless vowels out. Now you know why Jess and I trip each others spell checks a lot.

Here’s why Time thinks we celebrate Labor Day.

The first Monday of September means that white clothes are out, sales are in, summer holidays are over and classes begin. For many of us (but far from all of us), it’s a welcome day off of work or school, ahead of what is likely to be a busier month than the last.

Well, OK, I suspect they are sort of correct although I fail to see why we need a holiday that celebrates organization that protect the lazy and incompetent, you know like unions do. Mostly, I think we just needed a holiday to mark the end of summer. And to finish up the back-to-school shopping.

Of course, the schools have been known to jump the gun and thereby make this simply a long weekend, snow days have to come from somewhere after all.

In other news, Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit thinks the cure over at Rotherham could well consist of rope, lamp posts, and officials, with some assembly required. I have trouble disagreeing.

Perhaps we should expect no more when community preservation is outsourced to bureaucracies, but the unavoidable reality is that on many occasions, Rotherham police came upon children being sexually exploited—in some cases, in the very instance of being raped—and arrested no one. The perpetrators are Pakistani; they might call us racists. The children seemed to consent. These gangs are violent.

All of which amount to an admission by those police officers that they are cowards, and something less than men. I’m reminded of the janitors who discovered Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky’s rape of children, and who said nothing, for fear of losing their jobs. They were cowards too, and deserve to be remembered as such.


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8 Responses to Labor Day

  1. the unit says:

    Oh Monday, Monday, won’t go away
    Monday, Monday, it’s here to stay
    Oh Monday, Monday
    Oh Monday, Monday

    Well, it took 54 years, but now everyday is Friday for me. Not Saturday ’cause I don’t change the oil and wash the car anymore. 🙂


    • NEO says:

      Yep, neither do I, I do occasionally mow the grass (or weeds) though. 🙂


      • the unit says:

        Well me occasionally too.
        Gr@$$ and weirds are overrunning me! Help! Been getting worse since Stevie, my goat died. Where can I get some Agent Orange and a spreader? Maybe ISIS can spare a goat to an infidel if I pay my jizya?
        I promise a good home and no abuse ever, even no goat barbeque before or after dark during Ramadan. Or ever! 🙂


        • NEO says:

          🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. the unit says:

    Good morning Tuesday/Monday.
    Read your ‘Disinfecting Rotherham’ yesterday. Didn’t comment over there though as being ‘the unit’ the NHS would have wiped up my specimen by now.
    So what Rotherham needs to do is hire Dianna Rigg, who was born in Doncaster, now part of South Yorkshire. She would kick “Asian” @$$!


    • NEO says:

      You have a point there, she’d likely take care of it.


      • the unit says:

        Barbara Feldon might could help her too. Forget the liberal Pussy Galore. But Shirley Eaton would. She who said…” “A career is a career, but you’re a mother until you die”… “The most important thing for me was being a woman and having a family more than being a very famous glamorous actress”.


        • NEO says:

          She sounds like a good’un, at that.


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