Filipino UN peacekeepers ordered to surrender to Islamist fighters.

Philippines_flagHeh! If I’ve got the story straight some idiot of a UN commander gave a group of Filipino peacekeepers, with guns in their hands and ammo on their belts, in the Golan Heights an order to surrender to ISIS.

If you’re an American who knows our history, or for that matter a Spaniard or Japanese, you already realize what an idiotic thing that was to do. The Filipinos, of course, ignored it, and are now calling for an investigation of said commander.

Moe Lane (and if you’re not reading him-why not?) covered this. His main paragraph is epic.

Some idiot in the UN military (God help us) told Filipino forces – men with weapons in their hands and ammunition in their pouches – to meekly surrender to irregular fighters who do not recognize the laws of war.  And this fool thought that those soldiers would do that?  Even if you don’t actually believe the legend that we adopted the .45 because you can’t reliably stop a charging Moro warrior with a .38*, the fact is that if you want to kill a squad of Filipino soldiers, forget packing a lunch: you’re going to need the room for more ammunition.  Or maybe an artillery battery**.

Moe Lane » Filipino UN peacekeepers ordered to surrender to Islamist fighters. …Well, what do you THINK happened?.

What? You don’t remember the Philippine Insurrection? It was the first time we fought an unconventional war (as opposed to waging one). In short, and it was anything but. We won. And the Filipinos won the undying respect of the American Military, not excluding William Howard Taft, and Douglas MacArthur.


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3 Responses to Filipino UN peacekeepers ordered to surrender to Islamist fighters.

  1. the unit says:

    Maybe I read too much. But someone somewhere suggested that Rwandan peacekeepers be deployed somewhere, maybe there and/or Gaza. Well why? Maybe they used to being slaughtered.


    • NEO says:

      I know i do but, I hadn’t run across that bit. Interesting. Moe’s right though, UN command only worked once, in Korea with an American in charge, and it still does.


      • the unit says:

        More seriously though…

        Yeah, O would appreciate the contribution wherever to protect Muslim interests against Israel.
        But it is Bush’s fault where it started you know. 🙂

        “Muslims in the capital, Bangui, told VOA it was the Rwandan and Burundian peacekeepers who defended them.”

        “In her speech this week, Ambassador Power recognized the challenges the U.N. and AU missions face, to train and equip troops, airlift them to war zones and keep them supplied. This, she said, is why the United States has contributed more than $500 million to AU missions in Somalia and in the C.A.R., and $166 million for African peacekeepers in Mali, as well as training 250,000 peacekeepers for African operations since 2005.”

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