The Ebola Firewall

Sorry guys, I’m neck-deep in a project, and the water keeps rising. But here’s Bill Whittle’s current Firewall.

What’s that? Yep, I agree with everything he says here.

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5 Responses to The Ebola Firewall

  1. Ike Jakson says:


    I know that my view may be controversial but you are a friend I shall take chances.

    Ebola is not the risk. Maybe it will save the World if we allow it to run its course.

    The real risk to this World is greed; the lust for money and the obscene display of wealth. And the total absence of morality isn’t helping.


    • NEO says:


      The problem in this country anyway, isn’t so much Ebola, as it it is overbearing and incompetent government which has crowded out private charitable organizations.

      Greed and lust are problems, they’ve always existed , of course, but we have ripped much of the foundations of our society out, leaving mostly them here.

      Solutions are difficult to see, you may have hit on one.

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      • Ike Jakson says:

        I cannot claim that I said with tongue in check when I said what I said. The only solution I see is that Mankind must return to God. Please, I am not saying God created Ebola, NO, NO, not at all, but if we won’t listen and change our lives ….. It’s like the fight against Aids/HIV, both whatever name we choose inflictions caused by mankind. God is good but we must obey Nature or suffer the consequences.

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