Les evenements

My post this morning on Magna Charta was short, although it provides a basis for many things. Part of the reason for that is that I was distracted by the events in France.

I haven’t gotten my thoughts pulled together yet but, my co-blogger Chalcedon451 at AATW has, and I agree wholeheartedly with him. Here are his thoughts.

All Along the Watchtower


The cartoonists murdered by gun-men claiming to be revenging Islam’s prophets were plying one of distinctive aspects of the society which so many come to the West to enjoy – liberty; the best tribute to them is to ensure that liberty is maintained. It is many years since I read copy of Charlie Hebdo. I exercised my freedom of expression in the way civilised people do, by not purchasing a magazine which made a speciality of insulting my Church and my faith. I found the cartoons neither witty nor well-drawn, with racial stereotypes far too in evidence; still, that was its style, and if you didn’t like it, as I didn’t, you could do that thing people are free to do – ignore the thing

The Liberal leader, Nick Clegg, has rightly said that there is ‘no right not to be offended’. Absolute free speech has long been abrogated in…

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2 Responses to Les evenements

  1. the unit says:

    I sort of got the message not to become dispirited and give up. Of course I lucky, I can’t draw, sing a song, dance, or fly a kite, or anything they would cut my head off for (but don’t think it takes too much). Well…I did fly a kite with razor blades attached to the frame for kite fights with friends long time ago. Guess I can do such with enemies as well.
    Like the author of the link said, “The murderers have already ensured that the cartoons to which they so objected have been seen by far more people than would ever, otherwise, have been the case, and that Charlie Hebdo will sell far more copies than ever before.”
    I must be careful though, a dip in my kite cut my own string as well sometimes.

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    • NEO says:

      Yep, you caught what he was saying just fine, I thought you would. 🙂

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