Multicultural Suicide

Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Victor Davis Hanson has some thoughts (with which I thoroughly agree) on the interplay between Radical Islam and multiculturalism. Some excerpts:

Fueling the Western paralysis in dealing with radical Islam is the late 20th century doctrine of multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is one of those buzzwords that does not mean what it should. The ancient and generic Western study of many cultures is not multiculturalism. Rather, the trendy term promotes non-Western cultures to a status equal with or superior to Western culture largely to fulfill contemporary political agendas.

On college campuses, multiculturalism not so much manifests itself in the worthy interest in Chinese literature, Persian history, or hieroglyphics, but rather has become more a therapeutic exercise of exaggerating Western sins while ignoring non-Western pathologies to attract those who see themselves in some way as not part of the dominant culture.

It is a deductive ideology that starts with a premise of Western fault and then makes evidence fit the paradigm. It is ironic that only Western culture is self-critical and since antiquity far more interested than other civilizations in empirically investigating the culture of the other.  It is no accident that Europeans and Americans take on their own racism, sexism, and tribalism in a way that is not true of China, Nigeria or Mexico. Parody, satire, and caricature are not Chinese, African, or Arab words.

A multicultural approach to the conquest of Mexico usually does not investigate the tragedy of the collision between 16th-century imperial Spain and the Aztec Empire. More often it renders the conquest as melodrama between a mostly noble indigenous people slaughtered by a mostly toxic European Christian culture, acting true to its imperialistic and colonialist traditions and values.

In other words, there is little attention given to Aztec imperialism, colonialism, slavery, human sacrifice, and cannibalism, but rather a great deal of emphasis on Aztec sophisticated time-reckoning, monumental building skills, and social stratification. To explain the miraculous defeat of the huge Mexican empire by a few rag-tag, greedy conquistadors, discussion would not entail the innate savagery of the Aztecs that drove neighboring indigenous tribes to ally themselves with Cortés. Much less would multiculturalism dare ask why the Aztecs did not deploy an expeditionary force to Barcelona, or outfit their soldiers with metal breastplates, harquebuses, and steel swords, or at least equip their defenders with artillery, crossbows, and mines.

I really, really, really like that last paragraph, reality is rather like a bucket of ice water in the face, isn’t it?

What is the ultimate political purpose of multiculturalism? It certainly has contemporary utility, in bolstering the spirits of minority groups at home and the aggrieved abroad by stating that their own unhappiness, or failure to achieve what they think they deservedly should have, was due to some deep-seated Western racism, class bias, homophobia, or sexism otherwise not found in their own particular superior cultural pedigree that was unduly smothered by the West.

For the useful idiot, multiculturalism is supposedly aimed at ecumenicalism and hopes to diminish difference by inclusiveness and non-judgmentalism. But mostly it is a narcissistic fit, in which the multiculturalist offers a cheap rationalization of non-Western pathologies, and thereby anoints himself both the moral superior to his own less critical Western peers and, in condescending fashion, the self-appointed advocate of the mostly incapable non-Westerner.


Radical Muslims both emigrate to the West and yet, once there, seek through Sharia law to destroy the very foundations of what made the West attractive to them in the first place. Clean water, advanced medicine, entitlement support and free speech ultimately cannot exist in a society that routinely assassinates the outspoken satirist. In a less dramatic sense, the entire open-border, La Raza movement is based on the anomaly that the United States is such an inhospitable and racist place, while Mexico is such a benevolent homeland, that 11 million risk their lives to reach the former and abandon the latter. […]

For Muslims of the Middle East, there is a clear pathway to economic prosperity and a secure lifestyle; countries as diverse as South Korea, Japan, and Chile are proof of it. Within wide parameters, success only asks adherence to a mostly free market, some sort of freedom of expression, religious tolerance, a separation of science from orthodoxy, the rule of law, and consensual constitutional government — along with a cultural ethos of rough parity between the sexes, merit-based evaluation instead of tribal favors, and tolerance for ethnic and religious minorities.

Fail that, and human misery follows of the now familiar Middle East sort, in turn followed by the tired blame that the Jews, the Americans, the Europeans, or the West caused these self-generated pathologies.

And that is the ground truth.

Do follow the link and read it all, it’s outstanding Radical Islam and Multicultural Suicide | Works and Days.

Much shorter form, without the documentation:

The West is Best;

And always has been!

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13 Responses to Multicultural Suicide

  1. Indeed Rock On with this, it takes guts & glory to speak truth today! No revisionist history here! And btw, Judeo-Christainity came off eastern ground to Rome and the West, and may it long last and live! Need we be reminded that Saul-Paul was a Greco-Roman (born) and Jewish Hellenist? (Acts 21: 39 ; 22: 3) The Apostle to the Gentiles and Nations, Romans 11: 13. And this Earth, will become a New Creation itself, at the Second-Coming of “Christ Jesus”, always the Jewish Messiah I might add! ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords’! How can we forget the religious and spiritual reality of the Holy Land, which will be come the ‘New Jerusalem’! (Isaiah 66: 8-12, etc. / Zech. 14: 6-7-8, etc.)

    Oh break-out your Bibles beloved-ones and friends, and read…!

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    • NEO says:

      Rock on, Indeed. Around here, we speak the truth, in good English words, and try to remember that the best words are the old, short ones!.

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      • Amen! 🙂

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  2. “merit-based evaluation instead of tribal favors . . . Fail that, and human misery follows” About to review Thomas Sowell’s book on Affirmative Action Around the World. Most democracies are now failing that. And Misery does indeed follow.

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    • NEO says:

      That is very true. As is what you say is happening now.


  3. In the middle of another good book, Occidentalism (Iam Buruma and Avishai Margalit). It is the story of how hatred for the West was created in the West and fanned into flame by those who have most closely emulated the West. Why? Because they come to realize that Western ideals bring freedom and prosperity, and that destroys the ability to control people for your own agenda.

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    • NEO says:

      That is a huge insight, and very true indeed.


      • Surely all democracies are under siege today! Modern Israel might be one of the better ones, but there is no perfection in a fallen and broken world! We need the political, but ideology and social systems will finally fail! God’s theocracy alone, and ‘In Christ’ must come!


        • Btw, us “Biblical” preachers, are always pressed to this top of the rock, i.e. of course Christ, which is also Messiah! Its not math and science here! 😉

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        • the unit says:

          Not all math and science. But what did the first to get it heathen barbarian say when the first musket ball hit him between the eyes…no E.O. entered in the Federal Register needed to understand. No Clinton is is, just was was. Oh, and I learned a new smile… 😀

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        • NEO says:

          Yep, that’s all there is. 😀

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        • the unit says:

          My built in laptop mouse thingy, which I didn’t build by myself, or at all really… is so sensitive. I didn’t mean to click a “like” on my comment. Was just checking who liked. Must be a fault though somehow to blame someone. No, it’s just my repeating finger, I call it Colt. 🙂

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