The Road to Hell

We’ve kind of gotten away from Bill Whittle lately. No reason, I just haven’t been paying attention (Shame on me!). But I don’t like making excuses, and I do like Bill, so here’s his new one: The Road to Hell.


It’s important, I think, that neither Bill nor I am doubting that the people promoting these schemes have good (often very good) intentions. They want to help people, but instead of just going ahead and helping people, and encouraging others to as well, they think it better to use the power of government to force others to do what they think is good, and that’s where the road to Hell starts, with force.


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6 Responses to The Road to Hell

  1. Surely when we lose our God given Responsible Will, for the will of the State, or other mere human ideologies and speculations, we can lose “ourselves”! GOD is still the Creator, and this is still His Creation! And right now, I have never seen God’s creation and people under such ill and evil, especially in liberal ideology, at least in my 65 years! And this includes the past fight with Communism! (Which we in the West will fight again, in my opinion!) These are very sober times!

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    • And the attack on the Western Human Family has never been so profound! I heard the other day, that more children are now in single parent homes than ever, in our time!

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  2. the unit says:

    And Hillary calls for empathy for our enemies. Sacrifice myself, not herself, to selflessness. Sure. What? Good intentions, yeah sure?
    I never paid any attention to what Ayn Rand’s affiliation was as to religion or not, or nothing. Just read yesterday she claimed atheism. Never too old to learn I guess. But I think maybe her ideas are opposed to the progressive ones today.
    Her thoughts on altruism and force…again long, but short of reading all the books….

    P.S. Many long years ago before a bridge across the Escambia River, if you wanted a ferry ticket to where I live…you just asked for ticket to Hell. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Yep, she was an atheist, militant one too. But her ideas on social organization were right on, which is a bit strange but, there it is.

      I gatta a ticket to ride, eh? 🙂

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      • the unit says:

        Ticket to ride. I think that’s a song, memories are made of this. Will have to research it. 🙂


      • the unit says:

        So’s ticket to ride was a Beatles song. I missed all that mostly. I was trying to start a family, in college, working, and changing out tubes in the TV at the corner store to watch Bonanza, Dr. Richard Kimble and, I Spy, and walking the beagle each morning before school.
        But I remember even before the saying…yous pay yous nickel and yous takes your ride. That before inflation pretty much. 🙂


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