Another Puzzled Atheist Wonders Why Religion Persists


By William M. Briggs

This is all very true and his style and format just tickles me so believe and enjoy:

Orientation quiz. True or false: periodically, some societies have gone insane. The answer is True, true with bells on. Many examples will suggest themselves. Thing about these cultural sanitariums is that most of the folks living inside them didn’t know they were inmates.

Second question. We in one of these places now? Belay your answer. Here’s question number three. Should voting decide truth? Those who answer this wrongly usually answer question number two wrong, too.

Anyway, one John G Messerly, proud but puzzled atheist, writes that only about fourteen percent of English-speaking academic philosophers have a firm grasp of truth, the remaining eighty-six percent having lost their way. Messerly think this disparity should “cause believers discomfort.” It does. How could so many smart people make such fundamental mistakes? See question two.

Even though the majority of academics align against religion, Messerly says that “religious beliefs [still] have a universal appeal”. How can this be, he wonders, when smart people say “arguments for the existence of gods, souls, afterlife and the like” are “unconvincing”? Why aren’t people listening to their intellectual betters?

Genes, he says. “Genes and environment explain human beliefs and behaviors—people do things because they are genomes in environments.” So says proud atheist, high IQ, Messerly. Messerly the intellectual.

Thus that Messerly is an atheist is because of his genes and environment, yes? He had no choice. His genes interacting with his environment made him reject God. Poor thing. What a disability! Can we then say “The near universal appeal of” religious antagonism among academics “suggests a biological component” to atheistic beliefs and practices, and that “science increasingly confirms this view”? Messerly must say yes.

Another Puzzled Atheist Wonders Why Religion Persists | William M. Briggs.

Hah! And that’s the way I see it as well.


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3 Responses to Another Puzzled Atheist Wonders Why Religion Persists

  1. This to my mind is also one of the signs of the great Apostasy (Gentile) in the West! When one loses the moral compass of right and wrong… and we are surely seeing more of this in the 21st century! Humanity still has a “magnetic north” given by God, though surely too it is “blackened” by sin! But one must have that equation within personally! In our hendonist and now even narcissist culture we are pressing that voice out of our consciousness! All around us is moral death! (Isa. 5: 20-21, etc.)

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  2. the unit says:

    Maybe more aptly applied. Why does Progressivism and Liberalism religion persist? They have modeled themselves after some faiths. Consequences of and threats of global warming, hot as Hell. If it works, don’t fix it. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      I don’t know, and have often wondered


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