Eamon Duffy: Newman and the Papacy; The Newman Lecture

B_HG-pXWoAA3ZQ3These just keep getting better and better, this week’s third (delayed) Newman Lecture is Professor Eamon Duffy on Newman and the Papacy. It is quite fascinating on a topic that I like most American know little about. We have perhaps overemphasized the importance to us of that little fracas that we call  “The Civil War”.

The lecturer this week is Professor Eamon Duffy.

Eamon Duffy is Professor of the History of Christianity at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow and former President of Magdalene College.


Storify simply will not embed for me here, so I would suggest you follow the link and read Professor Charmley’s live Tweeting and comments as you listen to the lecture.

Eamon Duffy: Newman and the Papacy (with images, tweets) · ProfJCharmley · Storify.

This was my reaction then, and even more so now.


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9 Responses to Eamon Duffy: Newman and the Papacy; The Newman Lecture

  1. Myself I never see “finality” in our Creeds or our Government statements, even as good as they might be! That to my mind is left to God’s Word and Revelation, which for us Reformed is always the Sola Scriptura!

    Btw, I am myself somewhat concerned about Newman’s sexual ethics and life, and his union with Ambose St John? To my thinking, this is troublesome.. and especially to any idea of Catholic Sainthood? But this is what we hear too right now: ‘The media caravanserai has moved on, but Cardinal John Henry Newman is now and will remain known as Blessed John Henry. He remains also a significant, if complex, figure for gay and lesbian Catholics in his relationship with his beloved Ambrose St John, and in his theology for progressive Catholics more generally. The theology is subtle, and has been too easily misappropriated by people on both sides of the Church ideological divide. I do not (yet) want to enter that territory. About the relationship with Ambrose, I feel more secure.’

    But, this is simply NOT going away! With Scripture like Paul’s Romans 1: 18-32, and with 1 Cor. 6: 9, etc. Btw, is the R. Catholic Church, and especially “Francis” truly speaking clearly here? I know, I am a kill-joy, but the subject is so prevalent today!


    • chalcedon451 says:

      Having spent many years working on Newman, all I can say is that it takes a peculiar sort of modern mind to misread his relationship with Ambrose; the same sort of modern mind which misreads the nature of Our Lord’s relationship with the ‘beloved disciple’.

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      • Yes, well WE are going to quite disagree here! I too have read Newman, and perhaps longer than you? And it surely appears many others agree with me as to Newman’s Letters and language to Ambrose St John! The sexual ethics of true Judeo-Christianity quite demands that we take the Biblical High-Ground here! (1 Cor. 6: 12-20 / Rev. 22: 14) … Note, this is never going to appear popular in today’s culture of modernity & postmodernity, which has chased and continues to chase not only sexual sin, but false doctrine! (2 Tim. 4:1-4)

        Btw, if Calvin had a “modern mind”, than so do I, for I stand with good old J.C. here!


        • chalcedon451 says:

          I don’t know how much time you have spent in Newman’s archive; my guess is none. No one with any literary sensibility for nineteenth century style could read Newman’s letters the way you do. If you really imagine Newman would have imperilled his immortal soul then you need to explain why he sacrificed everything to become a Catholic? Newman took the Church, not your reading of the Bible, as his authority. He was a Catholic, not an Anglican.

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        • Yes, for me this is the real issue, i.e. Holy Scripture, of which the true Church Catholic has always been in submission to! And that “ain’t” Rome! That’s why I am a Reformational-Reformed Christian! We will have to leave it for the Judgment! 🙂

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        • And btw, to deny Newman’s Anglican history (well over 40 years) is complete ignorance! But this is the way many Roman Catholics perceive of the so-called Roman Catholic idea of conversion! Very Sad! And surely a loss for any true idea of ecumenism! And btw, it is here that I would be closer to the EO somewhat on this subject.


        • Hey Unit: Yes indeed the Catholic / Protestant divide still lives! We Reformed have the High Ground again, or still with the 16th century Reformation! Yes we old-school Evangelicals will stay the course! (A least a few) Btw, the visible divide is important, as we seek the reality of the Visible and Invisible Church! “The firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, “The Lord knows those who are His,” (2 Tim. 2: 19 / Nu. 16: 5) Note, “seal” is the symbol of ownership and authority of God In Christ! See here too the metaphor (visible church), “in a great house”.. there are not only vessels of gold and silver but also of wood and clay, some for honorable use, some for dishonorable.” (Verse 20)


  2. Enjoyed the lecture immensely. Thank you.


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