The Rules

Well, for three and a half years I’ve run this blog without stating commenting rules but, apparently we can’t act like grown ups around here anymore without them.

So here you go:

Stay on topic (or at least reasonably close). I spend a good portion of my time looking for things that I think are interesting, useful, informative and sometimes even important. Yesterday was good example of thirty odd comments not one, not even one, was on the topic. Comments are now closed on those posts. Thanks so mucjh for not reading them.

An occasional joke is fine but I’m not really OK with what amounts to identity theft, once was reasonably funny, try it again and you’re gone.

I never wanted to do this but I’m going to monitor comments and if they’re too far off topic, I’ll delete them the first time, the second time I’ll delete the commenter as well

I’m done with this sort of nonsense, if you’ve something on say on the topic I wrote on, great, if not, don’t comment. I designed this blog to be a place for informed, rational discussion of various topics. I did not design it to be a junior high school yard, There’s plenty of those on the internet, if you want one, go find one. This blog is for intelligent discussion amongst adults of the issues of the day, and that’s what it’ll be, or it will simply not be here.

Got It? Good, carry on.


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