The Ties That Bind, and Some We Should Refuse

She’s right, of course but, Why?
Well to start with because there is government money involved the government(s) will become the gatekeeper, with still another layer of gatekeepers. How do you get through the gate? You please the gatekeeper. Now mind it’s open source software, and I’m an open source guy myself, and so we can all use it. Want to know you’ll use it best? Yep the Anglosphere.

Why? because we don’t wait for much of anything. The old saying is that in Europe one can do anything if it is permitted, but in the Anglosphere we can do anything not prohibited. See the difference? We don’t wait for the government, or much of anything else. We know better..

Her linked article made references to “Uber. WhatsApp. Twitter. Google. Snapchat. Instagram. Facebook.” and there are others as well, nor should we forget many other things, in technology and history as well. They all have something in common. Somebody, usually an individual came up with the idea, found the resources to do it and became very rich, if he did it well.

What they never did was run to the government for help, if they had, somebody would have beaten them.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but when companies run to the government for help, and many of those above have, it’s always means that they have made their fortune, and now want the government to protect them from those coming after. In other words they have become lazy, and complacent, and unable to make it anymore on their own. We have seen this in every industry since the industrial revolution and it’s always the same, and it always hurts the individual citizen.

The Anglosphere is better than the rest because we do less of this nonsense than anybody else does.

Government doesn’t innovate, government only stifles innovation.

That hurts the citizens in two ways; 1) What products never reached the market because of the government, and 2) they do this stuff with the money they have taken by force from the citizens, themselves.

So we get to pay for them to deprive us of the things we (might) want.
My answer to her was this:


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8 Responses to The Ties That Bind, and Some We Should Refuse

  1. the unit says:

    Just letting you know I’ve read all you and Jess wrote and wonderful explanations they are, and this Sue. No comments from me right now as wife just returned from her mother’s (few months be 92 with cancer) met with her sister (lives in Hawaii and us 450 miles away from her mom ) to plan on what’s what and what we got to do to see about her. Even at Easter things have to be seen about.

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    • NEO says:

      Thanks, Unit. 🙂 My prayers for your wife’s mom and your wife as well, it’s hard as I know. Yep, they do.

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      • the unit says:

        Thank you for thoughts and prayers. Hawaii sis is intensive care RN and good about being able to clue in family about what to expect in these probably last, I think weeks. I do love the old woman from N.J., lived last 60+years in Daytona Beach, most of her friends from Pennsylvania on the Florida East Coast. Always treated this Mississippi boy well, after maybe a raised eyebrow at first meeting. 🙂

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        • NEO says:

          Often is for us country boys, but they’re smart folks. Nothing easy about the spot for her or the rest of you guys. Hang in there, ya’all, Thoufght and prayers for you all.

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        • the unit says:

          My baby, sweetheart is only 65. Think about it. When I was a senior she was in 5th grade. This song not exactly apropos , but I’ll be standing with her in this trial, I don’t like it but things happen that way for us all along the way. 🙂 Enough personal small talk before midnight and Easter. Blessed Resurrection Day on Sunday!

          He is Risen!


  2. the unit says:

    No goofy tomorrow. 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Understand 🙂

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