Bill Whittle on Mandatory 16 year Old Voting

Well, it just keeps getting more insane doesn’t it? This time we get two really stupid ideas packaged together, no extra charge from our ‘betters’.

I don’t know about you but, I wasn’t a particularly responsible voter at eighteen. Neither were my friends, we had other things on our minds, mostly girls. 🙂

But at sixteen the only thing we cared about was getting our driver’s license, and girls and beer, of course 🙂

They were pretty good days but neither we nor anybody else thought we ought to be required to decide how to run country.


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7 Responses to Bill Whittle on Mandatory 16 year Old Voting

  1. It is astonishing how ignorant are most teens these days about the world around them except the mall of course. One of my fellow teachers when I was in Miami asked 6 classes of 9th graders to identify the body of water just east of the city. Not one said Atlantic Ocean. However, because of this environment they have an impressive vocabulary that includes, parole, status hearing , crack whore, public defender, Section 8, food stamps, illegal alien, weed, child abuse, sex abuse, and drive-by shooting. If such of these were SAT exam questions they’d all have college scholarships. Unfortunately because of environment they are experts on some distasteful and unfortunate things. I don’t blame the kids for this.

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    • NEO says:

      I don’t either, they’re kids, and should have a childhood rather than being forced into adulthood. i was a pretty good kid, but I wasn’t paying attention to the world either. But that doesn’t mean that I think them qualified to run the country either.


  2. the unit says:

    I had read of the mandatory voting thing. Not the 16 thing. So had to do a bit of research, I guess O read about it on the BRATtleboro, Vt. news reported by Christian Science Monitor. lol

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    • NEO says:

      A good bet, I’d say. 🙂


  3. “I don’t know about you but, I wasn’t a particularly responsible voter at eighteen.” That statement made me laugh because I remember how I voted at 18. I wasn’t very responsible either. I had voted for Carter my first election which was a presidential one. I did smart up on the next presidential election and voted for the charm of Ronald Reagan. I never voted Democrat for president after Carter. I knew Clinton was full of it the first time I heard him talk. Obama I liked his style but a voice kept telling me don’t vote for him, there was something wrong about him. I didn’t.

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    • NEO says:

      Mine wasn’t all that bad, Nixon wan’t hard in 72, nor was Doc Bowen for Governor. But yeah, I’ve never voted for a national Democrat, a few Libertarians though, if I’d been older I would’ve voted for JFK though, I think.

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