A New Princess

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ABC News

Well, it’s a bank holiday in Great Britain today. Probably a good thing, I think. I suspect there are more than a few hangovers anyway.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a baby, a girl, over the weekend, and she is now fourth in line for the throne.

“So what?” a lot of us think, we did away with that nonsense centuries ago. And we did, and I think rightly so. But we are the revolutionaries who proclaimed :

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Novus Ordo Seclorum
E Pluribus Unum
Annuit Coeptis
Per Aspera Ad Astra

A New Order of the Ages

A New Order of the Ages
Many uniting into one
Providence has favored (our) undertakings
Through hardships to the stars

© Juan Ponce de León

That we did this while reclaiming our heritage of English Common Law is one of the more delicious ironies of our revolution. It’s also likely why it has worked out so well.

But I also note that while we say we detest titles of nobility and monarchs and such, we are nearly as avid watchers of the British monarchy as the Brits themselves. Not many of us manage to go to London and miss the Changing of the  Guard. I’ve always thought the monarchy as a combination of the symbolic side of the presidency (which in theory ought to make the Prime Minister more egalitarian) and the flag.

Parliament has stripped the monarch of any real power long ago, and so it is mostly an anachronism, and a good will ambassador, and a huge tourist industry. I’d bet if one could figure out the accounting, one would find that the Queen is a profit center, as well. Frankly, I suspect she is also a good guide for many things, there are not many people anywhere near the decision makers who have even a tenth of her experience.

But enough of this theoretical stuff, you want to know what they named her, don’t you?

Charlotte Elizabeth Victoria Diana Windsor

All good traditional names in the British royal family, about the only one they missed is Alexandra. She can, if she chooses trace her genealogy all the way back to King Alfred the Great of Wessex, through the House of Hanover (where the Georges came from).

One of my favorite historians, Suzannah Lipscomb gives us a little information on she fits into the system, and how she will be addressed:

The birth of this little girl, fourth in line to the throne is historically interesting, because it brings equality to the sexes. For the first time, following a change in the law – the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, that only came into force a mere five weeks ago – the new Princess can’t be supplanted from her position in the line of succession by any younger brothers. Age, for the first time in history, trumps gender.

Another piece of legislation also applies to this child. The new baby will be titled HRH Princess _____ of Cambridge because of Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Realm issued by the Queen in December 2012. In 1917, George V restricted the title of HRH Prince or Princess to the children of the sovereign, their children, and the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales (i.e. today Prince George).

Read more at A New Princess | Suzannah Lipscomb.


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5 Responses to A New Princess

  1. the unit says:

    It was good weekend for commoners. Daughter graduated from RN school yesterday. And when I told her yesterday that the Princess may be named Charlotte, she was so pleased. Her YorkiePoo is named Charlotte. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • NEO says:

      Yay, Her! I like the name myself but my last do (a greyhound) was Molly. for the little that’s worth 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • the unit says:

        Yeah, my last female personal dog was Trixie. Search turns out that is a legitimate English name for a little girl. But last male dog was Kibbles and Bits, might not have worked out for her older brother the Prince. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • NEO says:

          Yep, names always need to reflect personality (doganlility?) 🙂


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