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English: Cover of a 1904 adaptation of Humpty ...

English: Cover of a 1904 adaptation of Humpty Dumpty by William Wallace Denslow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week has not been kind, especially at the Supreme Court, to conservatives and/or traditionalists. Between the ruling on the ACA mandate and gay marriage, more than a few seem shell-shocked. I’m going to have some things to say, at some point, but today is not that point. I need to get it organized first.

We rather expected to win on King v. Burwell, and the reason we didn’t is that the majority of the court, simply decided that Humpty-Dumpty was right: words mean exactly what they say they mean, today, not last week. They took as their mission to keep this bad law on the books, for the second time in two years. It’s purely political, I think, and that’s why I’m loath to discuss it yet.

Apparently we are going to the Soviet model of history as well, where things that don’t fit the narrative are simply washed down the memory hole. You know, like the Confederacy. It can join the attempted imposition of episcopacy as a cause of the Revolution there.

Well, whatever. I’m reminded of another foolhardy venture in American history. it’s the anniversary of the Little Bighorn, the victory that was so complete, that it ensured the total destruction of the victors, the Plains Indians. History is a funny thing, sometimes. And so:


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  1. Yes, a very bad week in America, and the we shall yet see what the Almighty does? And we can look at the history of “Israel” for that! The Western culture and civilization can also look at Rome to see where she went in the end! It’s NOT looking good in the West, nor the world, rather! And the American Confederacy was the least of the American problems, noting much of the Christian renewal & revival even after that horrible war Civil War!

    *Btw, since I am a history guy and something of a collector of things historical, I have my share of Confederate Flags! I love the Mississippi deep purple background Confederate Flag, and have one, so Semper Fi on that! And here of course I am speaking historical. And I would quite recommend a visit to the great church row (i.e. churches) in downtown Charleston! Yes, I love the South! 🙂

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    • NEO says:

      Aye, to all that. 🙂


      • 🙂 Again Semper Fi! And to all my old American Southern Marine friends, both living and dead! Memory Eternal!


  2. Remember too, “Humpty Dumpty” could not be put together again! Profound metaphor!

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    • NEO says:

      Aye, and not limited to me, either, it’s common today.

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      • Btw, and just a question, and from one that truly loves America, but are we beginning to see the rise and fall of America? The throwing out the baby with the bath water?

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        • NEO says:

          Perhaps. That is certainly what the left believes, I’. m not sure that is not parallel to the Little Big Horn, a massive overreach brought on by overconfidence. Only time will tell, sadly.

          And don’t leave the Gatlings at the fort.


        • Based on my own conservative and biblical-theological Judeo-Christianity, America, as the British, and the whole West will not survive, at least intact, before the Eschatological End! Which I believe is the major focus of Israel in its Holy Land, (Zech. 13: 8-9, with chapter 14). Noting also Revelation 1: 7! (Dan. 7: 13-14) The Mount of Olivet is the place from which our Lord Ascended, and it will be the place to which our Lord Returns! (Acts 1: 6-12 / Zech. 14: 4, etc… verses 8-11, see verses 12-14, see verse 17!)

          No political here, just the power, purpose and might of the Lord!

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  3. the unit says:

    Gosh. Another be careful what you call for or ask for. A link below, my politically incorrect comment is there. No bias mind you. We will all get what we get. How one defines what is is, we’ll get the is at the time. Seems like ISIS now, but time will tell.
    I open for hope and change.

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    • Surely Farrakhan hasn’t a clue to what real freedom is!

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      • the unit says:

        Yep, if he, Al, Jesse were living under Sharia law there would be six hands freely cut off for stealing.

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