“On Point” with Tomi Lahren

I thought this went up yesterday, but my files say different. So here it is!

Well, this may or may not be the way to win friends and influence people. But it is an excellent example of the use of a declarative sentence.

I couldn’t agree more with her

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21 Responses to “On Point” with Tomi Lahren

  1. John Doe says:

    Let’s examine the thought processes of this “Conservative”.

    “President Obama if you won’t say it, I will!! Radical Islam!!!”

    Then she goes on to say that the shooter, hardly suspected at this point, was a devout Muslim. But oddly enough Ms. Lahren does not care that his friends would not classify him as overly religious.

    Why not? This is interesting. Why is it that no one knew of his views or orientation?

    The Tsarnaev brothers fit into this mold. Moderately Muslim at best, indifferent Muslims in truth.

    So why is Ms. Lahren ignoring this sort of information, it is important. This profile actually fits in a number of cases and gives important information to prevent this sort of thing. For many of these individuals, the lackadaisical attitude to faith before attacks is important to note, since it is on the Internet that they seem to find support for their activities. Therefore, they are not necessarily finding support at home, which is something to consider. If we are concerned about preventing such attacks, shouldn’t we be working with local leaders to ensure that if young men or women are withdrawing from the local community to an online community that this is noted and addressed.

    This also shows that the local Muslim communities are not supportive.


    Ms. Lahren’s final decision, bomb “them” is vapid in light of the ongoing efforts in that direction, drone strikes are daily news. But this does not change the root cause, which is efforts locally. Perhaps Ms. Lahren could work with local Muslim groups to provide opportunities to their youth to learn more about Islam in the first place. It is notable that only those with a mediocre knowledge (at best) of the religion are those persuaded to attack. A deeper involvement with local mosques might be the best preventative stance. None of this will work, however, if Muslim groups are alienated from the onset by poorly informed individuals such as Ms. Lahren.

    Also Ms. Lahren is ignoring some troubling aspects of the case, such as the mental instability. The recent shooting in Louisiana was also by a mentally unhinged individual, as were the attacks in Colorado, and Newtown, and Charleston, and so on… If we look beyond religion, it would appear that many of these attacks are the result of mental health issues that go unaddressed. By focusing on the fact that some of the attackers are Muslim, the larger puzzle pieces do not fall into place. Ms. Lahren is putting blinders on herself, unnecessarily.

    Neo, since you “couldn’t agree more with her” perhaps you could explain?


  2. Doug Lafuze says:

    Wow, beauty and brains! We need more people like her! I beg to differ though, his strategy is working marvelously! We are playing right into his hands.

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    • NEO says:

      True enough, alas.

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    • John Doe says:

      Beauty and Brains? And this is why the party of Kristol, Buckley, and even Goldwater is dying…



      • Doug Lafuze says:

        Dying? As far as I’m concerned. It’s dead, D-E-A-D dead! Get rid of the D, get rid of the R and just stick a P after their names for politician.

        Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit ignorant of the goings on in the world of US politics, let alone world politics. I have to work way to many hours just to survive so I don’t have time to sit and analyze all the BS coming from the left wing media and the personal opinion posts I see in social media. Because of that you will probably rip apart what I am about to say, but go for it, it’s how I learn what’s going on, or at least your opinion of what’s going on.

        As far as I’m concerned, and a lot of other hard working tired Americans feel the same way I’m sure, the only way we might be able to bring the Republican party back is if someone fires up it’s voter base. Gets them angry enough that they start screaming at their elected officials in Washington. Then and only then will we maybe see a spark of life in them. They need to know we are angry, they need to know we want them to do what we elected them to do, and they need to know if they don’t, there will be consequences. They are acting like a bunch of wimpy kids run amok. They need mom and dad to straighten them out and give them a backbone by showing them we have their back. How do we do that? People like her do that! People who are not afraid to stand up and voice their opinion, even if it isn’t politically correct. Most everyone is already thinking what she said, it’s just everyone is afraid to be called insensitive. With more people like her speaking out, others will begin to as well, and soon you have a movement that just might give the Republican party the jolt it needs to be brought back to life.


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        • NEO says:

          Bingo!! Washington, Lincoln, and yes, Westminster as well. Bravo Zulu, Doug! 🙂

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        • John Doe says:

          I’ve been thinking about ways to explain the current problem, but you’ve sort of hit the nail on the head. You said…

          “I’m a bit ignorant of the goings on in the world of US politics, let alone world politics”

          That’s actually pretty insightful. Let me let you in on a little secret. Almost everyone is in the same boat. Neo certainly is, most of his comments are completely absurd, but he wants to be more. The unit contributes nothing but absurdity. This was the way it was supposed to be. Understanding the nuances of international diplomacy, the economic forces of the worlds largest market, the defense paradigms of deterrence or cold war maneuvering, and so on, were really too much for most people. There is a reason people are experts, why they go to school for decades, and why we have large organizations that only exist to study these issues. They’re complex, the variables involved are in the thousands, and it takes a special kind of savant genius to really wrap your head around it. No one expects you to be this person. No one expects almost anyone to be this person.

          The GOP promised a free economy, a minimal government, and a strong national defense. Around 30 years ago you would be expected to vote for your GOP representative and the representative would deliver. This is the point of a representative democracy, the average Joe can hardly expect to deal with the complexities involved with the world’s largest superpower, the world’s largest economy, and unfortunately the world’s largest government.

          During the Clinton Years, and the rise of the Conservative radio empires, coupled with a 24 hour news cycle, there was a LOT more information. But people were not more educated, they just had more people telling them to be emotionally upset. I remember I would listen to Rush Limbaugh when I was off form school (Pound Middle for a few years), and it was not until college that I realized how dangerous he was. Rush was mild compared to Glenn Beck, or Sean Hannity.

          The problem with these individual were that they passed some information, but not enough to be educated or really understand issues. They gave the pretense of understanding without really having any brains. Karl Rove picked up on this and harnessed it to some rather spectacular electoral successes. It was an emotional movement, not an intellectual one. There were legions of angry, emotional people who were told they should be angry and emotional, but not really why or what to do about it. While Republicans used to be intellectual conservatives with a rather impressive brain trust, they became intellectually vapid.

          Consider Grover Norquist and his no-tax pledge. Raising taxes should certainly be avoided, but to pledge to never, ever, raise taxes is not conservative. Conservatives do not permanently shut doors, because sometimes you have to raise taxes. Reagan raised some taxes. A Conservative would certainly like to avoid raising taxes, but in a period of necessity, a series of huge expensive series of wars for example, it might be required. Sometimes compromises are made. Reagan managed to work with Democrats, and Republicans managed to work with Clinton. This is what should be expected.

          Then came the Tea Party. Even more emotion. Much more emotion. Nothing but emotion. But there was even less education, understanding, and intelligence. The Tea Party was one of the worst things that could have happened to the GOP and the country. There was a reason there were hurdles for involvement in politics beyond voting, it requires understanding, but with the internet people without the slightest understanding of just about anything have a voice and attract followers, not based on the intellectual value or their arguments, or the persuasion of their words, but the exaggerated and bombastic nature of the rhetoric.

          Consider Neo’s post immediately below this one, “Widespread touchscreen ordering to come to NYC fast food restaurants by next year?” Neo posted a series of articles including one that said “With so large an increase in labor costs, Big Macs prices must rise significantly.in a time its sales have been dropping.”

          The problem is that this is completely untrue. And he is stuck unable to explain, unable to respond, and unable to do anything.

          And this is obvious to anyone who has studied economics. But no one here noticed because no one here has a background in economics, including the author of the referenced piece, and the readers here. No one noticed an easily disproved statement.

          Why? Why did no one notice? Mostly because it does not matter if it is true, it matters if it fits a narrative. Neo has no idea what he is talking about most of the time. This is hardly the first time he said or posted something vapid. This video above is just as stupid, as has been pointed out concerning the “bombing the desert” comment by Ms. Lahren.

          So when you say that the GOP needs “to know we are angry, they need to know we want them to do what we elected them to do, and they need to know if they don’t, there will be consequences.”


          What did they get elected to do? Specifically? Since you admit to having no real knowledge of politics at all, how can you even make this statement. I am guessing the recession hit you badly. But the current GOP has been completely emasculated by the base, scared to actually make compromises to move the ball forward, and faced with impossible choices they cannot get out of.

          The GOP helped stoke the base, but now it is out of control. There is lots of talking but no thinking.


    • the unit says:

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      • cathy says:

        Now replay that tape and imagine your mother, your sister or your wife as one of the ‘ugly’ women with the sound track of ‘Who let the dogs out?’ See how funny it looks then.


        • NEO says:

          Would you be surprised, Cathy, that I agree with you, That’s why I don’t run these, but I​ don’t censor my commenters either, except for language. It is unkind​, not least because of the photo selection used, but I learned long ago that commenting on a woman’s looks is fraught with peril, at all times, and in all places!

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        • the unit says:

          Don’t need to imagine. Done seen. Dogs here happy. CVS has lipstick.


        • the unit says:

          Just tell me Cathy…”Your fired.” 🙂


        • cathy says:

          Not at all surprised, N. It is not an essential tenet of conservatism to sneer at elderly ladies for not being young any more. Nor to call them bitches, ftm. : )

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  3. cathy says:

    ‘Bomb the desert!!!!’

    Any particular desert, or does it really not matter? As strategies go, I am afraid this one leaves a little to be desired.

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  4. NEO says:

    All you regulars know why I let Mr. Doe ramble on, There’s no point in not letting a man prove himself a fool, if he wishes to, and since the commenters here range from those like me that read but have always made a living with my hands to at least one Oxford Doctorate holder (who I understand can’t change a fuse) :), we have little to prove to the neighborhood. But I’ll admit he reminds me daily of this:

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    • the unit says:

      Yep. I don’t respond directly to him anymore. After all he’s soon to be deployed with his MBA to dangerous territory. I wouldn’t want to add to his danger having to defend himself on a blog. He got friendly fire to watch out for, and if he don’t know it… the anti-capitalist left.

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